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  The New Arrivals
  by Tyler Porter
  "You can?t be serious!" 
  Tyler just grinned evilly, flying the shuttle at unsafe speeds nearing the 
Meridian. He heard his co-pilot, Andy, in the same frantic tone, "Do you know 
how many regulations you?re breaking!?"
  "Tyler! Slow this bucket of bolts down, man, you?re gonna get us all killed!" 
Derek crossed his arms, unamused, and multiple frown lines to show his 
seriousness. How Tyler ever became a friend of his was still a mystery.
  "I think I?m going to be sick," Johansson said softly, clutching her bag, 
trying not to show her nausea turning her face in shades of pink and white.
  "Actually, the dampeners are doing just fine, so you?re not sick," Tyler 
shouted back to the passengers in the back. He did slow the shuttle down, but 
not by much as Meridian?s aft were becoming larger by the millisecond. 
  "Tyler, seriously, cut it out. I won?t be marked because you can?t control 
your kid like impulses," Andy demanded, gripping the console with all his life.
  "Aw, come on," Tyler?s grin became wider as he turned his head and looked at 
his co-pilot who, pale around the edges and waiting for death to take him any 
moment now. They really thought they were going to die, Tyler sighed and 
muttered, "Fine, but you all really need to get some sense of fun." 
  He slowed the shuttle down again, the speed now within safety requirements. 
The problem was that safety requirements were perfectly fine five minutes ago, 
not twenty seconds from hitting the shuttlebay doors. The vessel zoomed in, the 
aft of the Meridian growing larger and filling up the windows.
  "This is Meridian, reduce your speed to thrusters, Ensign, and just let us do 
the rest."
  "This is shuttle Auckland, reducing speed."
  "Acknowledged, welcome to the Meridian.  See how fast he . . . Yeah, all 
these hot shot pilots . . ." Tyler smirked as the link was severed before he 
could hear the rest of the complaint.
  "One day, Tyler, your ass is going to be toast for piloting like a speed 
  Tyler shrugged, "I?m hoping I get to fly Meridian."
  "Keep it up, you?ll be flying worker bees," Johansson remarked, clutching her 
bag tighter. The shuttle landed softly and Johansson was the first one out as 
soon as the doors lowered.
  He looked at the rest of his friend file out and wondered how they could be 
the best pilots Starfleet trained, yet all of them were squeamish for a little 
high velocity fun. It wasn?t as if any of them hadn?t done this before and not 
enjoy it, with the exception of Johansson - who preferred the relaxing tasks of 
shuttle duty. Tyler chuckled, grabbing his bag and slinging it over his 
shoulder as he stepped out of the shuttle and onto the deck of the fine ship. 
He could almost sense the ship humming at his arrival, or maybe he was just a 
little too enthusiastic. 
  "Are you gonna just stand there, or did you plan to join us sometime?" Derek 
remarked, tapping Andy?s shoulder to stop. Now all three of them were looking 
at Tyler, and he felt like a little kid stuck in an amusement park. 
  "Hello, Meridian to Tyler, did we forget to get our brain out from the 
shuttle nacelles?"
  "What brain?" Johansson muttered, and Andy laughed.
  "Shut up all of you. I?m going to fly this ship, just watch."
  "Well, when you can actually jump-start that brain of yours, maybe you?ll get 
the job," Andy nodded, "In fact, we should start slow, baby steps first."
  "I hate all of you," Tyler said with the friendliest smile, "Lets hit the 

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