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           New Siemens phones 
           Series 60 news 
           Partner Conference 
           Web update 
           New portal design 
           New tools 
           New documents 
           Top Downloads 
           Upcoming events 
           Developer award 
      Developer Portal 
                       August 2004, issue 16 
                 News  |  Web Update  |  Top Downloads  |  Events  |  Developer 
                  News update: 
                  New mobile phones from Siemens 
                  This month, Siemens mobile announced two new phones, the CX70 
and the SK65. Here are the most important facts on both of them. 

                  CX70 - the first "Push and Talk" capable mobile phone from 
                  With the introduction of the CX70, Siemens mobile is the 
world's first manufacturer to offer an end-to-end solution for "Push and Talk" 
(PaT) based on open specifications. The service features walkie-talkie 
functionality over mobile networks and makes group calling easier and faster 
than ever before. As the first Voice-over-IP application, Push and Talk is 
based on the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), the technology platform for many 
future multimedia services. 

                  To ensure that Push and Talk works as quickly as possible 
across all networks and with as many devices from other phone manufacturers as 
well, Siemens mobile is relying on IMS switching technology, which enables 
IP-based connections between mobile phones and is based on the specifications 
of the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). IMS will be the control 
layer for many innovative multimedia services, such as video transmission, 
instant messaging and virtual reality applications like multiparty gaming. 

                  Photos, graphics and more information on Push and Talk can be 
found on Siemens' special internet pages: 


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                  Siemens SK65 - the first mobile phone with complete e-mail 
management and a revolutionary design 
                  A pioneer in the future of mobile phone communication, the 
SK65 brings messaging and information to the business professional 's 
fingertips with e-mail push based on BlackBerry Built-InT technology from 
Research In Motion (RIM). The tri-band handset allows seamless wireless 
communication with e-mail tools such as MS Outlook&trage; or Lotus NotesT 
ensuring instant synchronization of e-mails and maximizing hours spent 
traveling or between meetings for busy professionals. 

                  The SK65's premium design provides the definitive solution 
for combining technological advances with ease of use, through its unique and 
innovative x2type (cross-to-type) full-sized keyboard. Opened with a turned 
action, the full-sized 37-key keyboard is an essential part of the design 
enabling quick and easy e-mail composition, yet folding away discreetly when 
not in use. 

                  The SK65 features 64MB memory for managing large amounts of 
data, with up to 30MB free, for storing personal information such as e-mails, 
ring tones and java applications. Additional features include: a large 132 x 
176 pixel TFT screen with 64k colors, a fully featured address book with room 
of up to 2000 entries and new Siemens Mobile Phone Manager PC software. 

                  The phone will be available in Europe, Middle East and Latin 
America from November 2004. Other regions will follow shortly afterwards. 

                  More product information: 


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                  Series 60 news
                  Symbian Signed 
                  Symbian Signed is the mobile industry endorsed certification 
program that promotes best practise in designing applications to run on Symbian 
OS phones. Symbian Signed applications follow industry agreed quality 
guidelines and support network operator requirements for applications and 
content. The program was created to satisfy the mobile industry's demand for 
reduced fragmentation and cost to developers by providing the community with a 
single generic certification program that all parties can benefit from. Symbian 
Signed provides a single signing scheme that can be used as an alternative to 
many of the individual schemes, reducing the cost and complexity of getting 
applications to market.

                  Advanced Partner Symbianware already received Symbian Signed 
status for twelve applications.

                  Symbianware joined Symbian Signed certification program this 
summer and already has twelve of their best-selling software products available 
with Symbian Signed status.

                  The certified titles include Stacker, SmartCrypto, 
SmartBirthday, PowerLock, PowerBall, PowerDictaphone, MultiClipboard, 
MessageStorer, FileMan, eBook, Astronix und AppMan. Some of them are even 
downloadable free of charge for SX1 users! Visit our download section at 
www.siemens-mobile.com/sx1 for ringtones, logos & more.

                  More information about Symbianwares award-winning 
applications can be found on their webseite at www.symbianware.com. 

                  The certification was done with help from Siemens mobile 
which sponsored part of Symbianwares portfolio certifications.


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                  New from Symbian Press 
                  Programming Java 2 Micro Edition on Symbian OS 
                  Author: Martin de Jode, ISBN 0-470-09223-8

                  This book allows you to utilize the expanded capabilities of 
the J2ME and the MIDP 2.0. It examines the new APIs available to developers and 
provides tips and in-depth case studies with full example code to illustrate 
how to optimize and extract maximum revenues from Java applications on Symbian 

                  Symbian OS C++ for Mobile Phones Volume 2 
                  Author: Richard Harrison, ISBN 0-470-87108-3

                  Symbian OS C++ for Mobile Phones Volume 2 provides an 
opportunity to further develop your understanding of the advanced features in 
Symbian OS. This brand new book includes the newly available Technology Preview 
SDK for Symbian OS v7.0s, as well as in-depth looks at areas including the 
Multimedia Framework and Testing.

                  These books can be ordered online through Symbian Press. 
You'll also find a full table of contents, sample chapters and full example 
code there.


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                  Partner Conference
                  Developers receive awards at Siemens mobile partner 
conference in Munich 
                  At the 2004 partner conference in Munich, two developers 
received special awards:

                  Conference participant Eugene Yatsenko from the Ukraine made 
second place in the Entertainment Application Category at the Java Masters 
Competition 2004.
                  Now was the chance to personally award him with a SX1 formula 
one edition phone for his game "Speeder", a high-tempo skateboarding game.

                  Another special award went to Daniel Klein as best supporter 
in the Siemens mobile Developer Forum. His ongoing support in the online forum 
is helping a lot of developers to create content for Siemens mobile phones. In 
recognition for his efforts, Daniel also received SX1 formula one edition phone.

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                  Web updates:
                  New Portal Design 
                  You will notice that we have created a new look for our 
developer portal. The developer portal is undergoing a complete overhaul to 
provide you with easier access to documents and tools and to incorporate the 
new Siemens mobile style as featured on the Siemens mobile website. We took 
your feedback very seriously and implemented a new navigation structure. 

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                  65 Series Customization Tools v.1.1 now available 
                  Next to our large variaty of successfull JavaT and Series 60 
developement tools we are now offering a set of applications to aid providers 
of a different kind of content. 65 Series Customization Tools package contains 
the Colour Skin Editor and the Theme Editor. Both of these tools will help 
interface designers develope top of the line themes for Siemens 65-series 

                  Before you get started you should have a clear idea of what 
your theme will look like. Have all your images, animations and sound ready, 
they will be necessary for the creation of your colour skin and theme. 

                  You should start off with the Skin Editor. This tool helps 
you define the basic interface elements, like text and background colors and 
backgfround images. Once you have your skin ready, move on to the Theme Editor. 

                  This is the part where you create the actual theme. The Theme 
Editor let's you configure wallpaper, startup-, shutdown- and screensaver 
animations and tones. You then need to include your skin file and save your 

                  The tool kit can be found in the resources section of our 
developer portal.

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                  SMTK User's Manual 3.0 
                  This new release of the SMTK User's Manual for generation 65 
phones explains SMTK installation and main components, introduces emulators and 
runs through IDE integration and debugging. 

                  SMTK Programmer's Reference 4.0 
                  This new document provides essential information about 
developing for Siemens generation 65 mobile phones, focusing on CLDC1.1 and 
MIDP2.0. It includes security, WMA, PushRegistry, graphics support and more. 

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                  Top downloads 

                  Here is the list of currently most downloaded games from the 
www.siemens-mobile.com/mobiles site. 

                        Rank Title Developer 
                        1 Bowling Handy Games 
                        2 ANNO 1503 Elkware 
                        3 Splinter Cell Gameloft 
                        4 YoyoFighter Sumea 
                        5 Fantasy Warrior Sumea 
                        6 Artic Rescue Softex 
                        7 Fit at Work Kropp 
                        8 Speed Chaser Elkware 
                        9 Fly_Race NotTheFly 
                        10 Fly_Aliens NotTheFly 

                        Rank Title Developer 
                        1 Bowling Handy Games 
                        2 Freestlye-X Sumea 
                        3 Fantasy Warrior Sumea 
                        4 Fly_Race NotTheFly 
                        5 ANNO 1503 Elkware 
                        6 YoyoFighter Sumea 
                        7 Artic Rescue Softex 
                        8 Fly_Aliens NotTheFly 
                        9 Euroman Easter Wildec 
                        10 Speed Chaser Elkware 

                        Rank Title Developer 
                        1 Bowling Handy Games 
                        2 Splinter Cell Gameloft 
                        3 Freestlye-X Sumea 
                        4 Fly_Race NotTheFly 
                        5 YoyoFighter Sumea 
                        6 Artic Rescue Softex 
                        7 ANNO 1503 Elkware 
                        8 Euroman Valentins Day Wildec 
                        9 Speed Chaser Elkware 
                        10 Fantasy Warrior Sumea 

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                  Upcoming Events 
                    a.. Symbian Exposium 2004
                    05.10 - 06.10.2004
                    ExCel Center in London, UK
                    Join mobile phone manufacturers, Symbian's growing 
ecosystem of partners, content providers, software vendors and developers 
responsible for defining the world's leading smart phone technology and 
solutions at the Symbian Exposium 04. Be part of the only tradeshow in 2004 
that covers every aspect of the smart phone market, from building mobile phones 
to developing and deploying applications. Network with the smart phone 

                    Register prior to the event for a free entrance to the 
exhibition and seminars. 

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                  Developer of the month:
                  Congratulations, Robin and many thanks for your great 
                  Every month we reward the most active member of our community 
with a phone. 

                  Thanks a lot! Keep up the good work and enjoy your new S65! 

                  Personal data 
                    a.. Name: Robin Ellis 
                    b.. Occupation: Director/Developer at Infinite Lives Ltd 
                    c.. Country: England 
                    d.. Contact me @: robin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
                    e.. Member since: 10.2003 
                    f.. Areas of expertise: C/C++, Java, JSP/HTML/PHP 
                    g.. Developing since: ~16 years 
                    h.. Comments: I have been programming for many years. 
Mobile game development right now is like the old 8-bit home computer days, and 
with technology getting cheaper and handsets faster there should be a lot to 
look forward to for games developers. This Siemens handset sure will help! 
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                  Special offer:
                  Everything you need to develop SX1 applications for just 
                  CodeWarriorT Wireless Development Kit for Symbian OS, Siemens 
SX1 Edition delivers all the tools and accessories you need to start building 
winning applications for the Siemens SX1 phone - all in one convenient package. 
Speed your time-to-market with CodeWarrior native C/C++ support, award-winning 
integrated development environment (IDE), and tight integration with the UIQ 
SDK. The CodeWarrior IDE is packed with state-of-the-art software development 
features and capabilities that allow you to develop and emulate your 
application on the desktop and then build and deploy on the Siemens SX1 
mobile-phone platform. 

                  CodeWarrior Wireless Development Kit for Symbian OS, Siemens 
SX1 Edition includes: 

                    a.. CodeWarriorT Development Studio for Symbian OS v2, 
Personal Edition 
                    b.. The first Siemens smart phone, the Series 60-based SX1 
                    c.. Series 60 SDK for Symbian OS 
                    d.. A dummy SIM card to boot the phone for application 
                    e.. Power supply and global power conversion kit 
                  Further information is available at: 


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                  Please forward this newsletter to any of your colleagues or 
friends who may be interested. If you have received this newsletter from a 
colleague or friend, you can ensure that you receive all future issues by 
subscribing directly at www.siemens-mobile.com/developer. 

                  Siemens AG © 2004

                  If you do not want to receive this newsletter in the future, 
please edit your personal profile on the Developer Portal 
www.siemens-mobile.com/developer under 'settings/personal profile' by 
un-checking the newsletter checkbox.  

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