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From: David Griffith
Sent: Friday, 2 December 2011 15:16
To: 'Johannes Laubach'
Cc: John Hunt; Hamid Sokhan; Melanie Cameron
Subject: RE: FTIR tests

Dear Johannes,
This is a very nice bit of work - thanks!  Much of it confirms what we have 
seen before, and I have made liberal comments throughout.  Temperature 
correction is particularly difficult because there is more than one cause of 
temperature sensitivity, and each has a different dependence.  I attach a doc 
describing some earlier work I did this year - this also looks at the 
temperature error effect after a cell evac-fill procedure.

I think the residual effect is understandable because we don't have a good 
calibration of the pressure gauge near zero - it could be wrong by 1 mb, and 
that would explain the f values you see.  (1 mb at 1000mb doesn't matter - it 
calibrates out - but at 1 mb it is a 100% error). Nice work that - no-one has 
looked at the residual effect in detail, though we knew it could be there.

Do you mind if I send this doc to Sam Hammer, , Benoit Wastine  and others 
interested?  I'm sure you would get more and good feedback.  In fact I am about 
to start an FTIR mailing list, as agreed in Wellington at the GAW meeting, and 
Benoit at LSCE has started a forum where such issues can be posted and 
discussed.  I would suggest you sign up for the forum and post it there.  
Meanwhile I will set up the mailing list.  This would be a great start and we 
would all find it useful.  I'll attach Benoit's email announcing the forum.

Thanks again, very useful!  Have a good weekend.

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