[ftir_tga] FTIR report from Johannes Laubach

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  • Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2011 15:22:08 +1100

Dear FTIR folks (what should we call ourselves?),

Notwithstanding the eventual long-term hosting of the FTIR analyser users' 
mailing list, I will start with the initial one I set up last week and will use 
it in the interim for practice.  Welcome!

Johannes Laubach at Landcare in NZ has written a nice report on his first 2 
weeks of measurements with their new analyser.  I attach it and I will put it 
on the ICOS FTIR forum.

1. You will note much about temperature effects that confirms things we have 
already seen.

2. The later section on the residual gas effects from the previous fill is 
interesting - something we are aware of but no-one has looked at so thoroughly, 
I think.  I will also forward further email discussion of this with Johannes to 
the list.

Thanks Johannes, and welcome to all

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