[FSW Project] Re: CPSC 456: Class Absence

  • From: Jeremy Chavez <xfives@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fswproject@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 22:24:26 -0800

Hey guys,

I'll jump in here and say that yes - the full time job thing is pretty
killer when it comes to getting anything done prior to 5pm (6pm in most
cases) but when it comes to deployment I can write something up.
Considering that I was the one who ended up merging the backend and
frontend services into one CentOS box I feel it's rather necessary for me
to do so. I can block out some time on either Monday or Wed. after I get
home from work to do a full set of documentation related to the deployment
process and subsequently the process of deploying both services on a fresh
linux distro (just in case down the line people want to move away from
CentOS or are required to start from scratch). With that in mind I will be
writing the documentation with the assumption that the students doing the
deployment are either in or have taken CPSC-254 and are comfortable with a
no-gui linux setup. I think it would be best if someone could automate a
bit of the deployment process via a bash script (changing the ip tables and
network settings) too. A quick breakdown of the deployment is:
1. Start the VM
2. Change the static network settings
3. Update the IP tables to allow outside hosts to hit port 80 and 443
4. The frontend and backend services should start automatically when the
system boots but if they don't then you can simply start fsw_backend and

and that's it. Updating the VM on the other hand can be a bit tricky as
it's currently tied to my github account but a simple config file edit
should fix that so I'll write something about that too.

Right now Intuit is at a low and even though my time is limited the tax
season picks up on 12/1 when we launch our online product again. It is
incredibly important that anyone who plans to work on the FSW project go
through and read the documentation I wrote on the wiki in case they have
any questions related to either the content that is there or the content
that they think should be there. I do not mind writing more or answering
questions but after 12/1 you might as well consider me gone till after
04/15/15. I know around this time in the year classes can be rough but
please try your best to find some time and read the available documentation.


On Thu, Nov 13, 2014 at 9:57 PM, Nathan Cobb <nathancobb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Mikhail,
> With the limited time they have now that they have full-time jobs, the
> only possibility might be on a weekend over a Skype call. Judging by Yuri's
> availability, it doesn't seem like that's going to happen. At this point, I
> think we're going to have to start thinking about deploying without their
> help, or at the very least with a very limited amount of it. I have a
> limited amount of time that I can dedicate to development/deployment, so I
> may not be much help on that front, but I'll be continuing to do my best to
> keep up communication between us and their side.
> Yuri told me that she'd be available this Friday between 1-4 PM EST, which
> doesn't work for me. She also said that she may be available on select
> weekdays after 4, which seems like it may work better with our team's
> schedule. Let me know how you'd like to move forward.
> Regards,
> Nate
> On 11/13/2014 2:30 AM, Mikhail I. Gofman wrote:
>> Dear Nate,
>> Hope you are doing well.
>> Sorry to hear you are sick :-( !
>> I did not see you in class for a while, and hence was concerned. I was
>> actually worried and wanted to contact you.
>> Hope you get well soon! I will be happy to catch you up on anything you
>> miss in class :-)
>> Looks like Rob and Jeremy have made progress. I would like to schedule a
>> meeting as soon as they can.
>> Also, since the instructions are up, could we start distributing tasks
>> among people?
>> Hope this helps.
>> Thanks,
>> -Mikhail
>> On 11/13/2014 02:26 AM, Nathan Cobb wrote:
>>> Mikhail,
>>> Sorry about the last 2 weeks, I've been sick and pretty "out-of-it"
>>> because of that. I've been doing my best to keep up with FSW, but I
>>> apologize if I haven't quite been as productive with that. I'm going to
>>> have to miss tomorrow as well, but I'll be back next week, I believe, since
>>> I'm starting to feel much better than I was.
>>> I'm thinking about attending the review session, but may just opt-out
>>> and watch the recordings instead, depending on how I'm feeling. In case I
>>> don't make it, which day is the exam scheduled for?
>>> Hope all is well, take care and I'll see you next week for sure.
>>> Regards,
>>> Nate

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