Dagens FSV-oversigt: Overview of systematic reviews on the health-related effects of government tobacco control policies.

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Overview of systematic reviews on the health-related effects of government
tobacco control policies.

BMC Public Health. 2015;15:744

Authors: Hoffman SJ, Tan C


BACKGROUND: Government interventions are critical to addressing the global
tobacco epidemic, a major public health problem that continues to deepen. We
systematically synthesize research evidence on the effectiveness of government
tobacco control policies promoted by the Framework Convention on Tobacco
Control (FCTC), supporting the implementation of this international treaty on
the tenth anniversary of it entering into force.

METHODS: An overview of systematic reviews was prepared through systematic
searches of five electronic databases, published up to March 2014. Additional
reviews were retrieved from monthly updates until August 2014, consultations
with tobacco control experts and a targeted search for reviews on mass media
interventions. Reviews were assessed according to predefined inclusion
criteria, and ratings of methodological quality were either extracted from
source databases or independently scored.

RESULTS: Of 612 reviews retrieved, 45 reviews met the inclusion criteria and 14
more were identified from monthly updates, expert consultations and a targeted
search, resulting in 59 included reviews summarizing over 1150 primary studies.
The 38 strong and moderate quality reviews published since 2000 were
prioritized in the qualitative synthesis. Protecting people from tobacco smoke
was the most strongly supported government intervention, with smoke-free
policies associated with decreased smoking behaviour, secondhand smoke exposure
and adverse health outcomes. Raising taxes on tobacco products also
consistently demonstrated reductions in smoking behaviour. Tobacco product
packaging interventions and anti-tobacco mass media campaigns may decrease
smoking behaviour, with the latter likely an important part of larger
multicomponent programs. Financial interventions for smoking cessation are most
effective when targeted at smokers to reduce the cost of cessation products,
but i
ncentivizing quitting may be effective as well. Although the findings for bans
on tobacco advertising were inconclusive, other evidence suggests they remain
an important intervention.

CONCLUSION: When designing and implementing tobacco control programs,
governments should prioritize smoking bans and price increases of tobacco
products followed by other interventions. Additional studies are needed on the
various factors that can influence a policy's effectiveness and feasibility
such as cost, local context, political barriers and implementation strategies.

PMID: 26242915 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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