[fsug-calicut] Re: how to convert a user into free-software?

  • From: sooraj kenoth <soorajkenoth@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fsug-tvm <ilug-tvm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, fsug-calicut <fsug-calicut@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 22:55:20 +0530

One of the most commen raider is the inertia:

the user may be well aware about the advantages of the free softaware but
not ready to switch. The following may be the reasons:


is it usable for me? Or is it useful?

Can i share my files to my friends with the new system(eg:-.doc)

can i those tools “like XYZ”, eventhough i'm not using it?

User interface:

the commonly available free operating system is based on GNU/linux.

The file system is different from that of windows. Most of the people starts
with windows and they are familer with that real “abc” (of) partition
system, by ibm (not sure, but i think >>4 primary partitions).

Nobody is ready to learn the concept of mounting and unmounting the file
system. They ask, where is “my computer, where is the hard disk”

Everybody want to get sytem of installation like double clicking on

Avilable applications:

most of the commenly used proffessional apllication has only windows

If substitutes are available nobody is ready to take the risk, of changing
the environment.

What we can do?

Give them a full demo with a fully customized version(having all codecs, and
powerful and useful application, preferably with GUI)

 make their windows installation maximum leagel

you may give the following application, by this you can gain their trust.


   open office


   FDM(free download manager)

   vlc player

   total video player(i'm not sure that vlc has 3gp support, especially in

   foxit reader(not free but very fast even in 128RAM)

   infra recorder

   image burn



   some free game(if they are gamers)

 from my experience please don't install “clamwin-antivirus”

if they have pen drive you can show how virus can't affect GNU/Linux system.

2009/7/13 sooraj kenoth <soorajkenoth@xxxxxxxxx>

> i think and i feel most of us not a simple free software user but free
> software promoter.
> here we can share our experience and tips in coveting a user into
> free-software user.

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