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  • Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 20:34:28 +0530

the floss manuals and wiki are really good tools.
but i felt some advantages for this method.

i'm sure most of us are ready to check our mail daily.
in this method at least every one will receive this documents and comments
as mail.
to see a wiki or floss document wwe have to open a new page.
so how many of us will see the document if i'm doing it in wiki or floss?

and if someone feels this is an creative and active work they can make there
contribution just by replying it, instead of logging into wiki or floss.

also this not at all a copyrighted work. so anybody who wish can copy all
these data to any where and can compile it to make a book or pdf document.

**2009/7/13 Aneesh A <aneesh.nl@xxxxxxxxx>

> Print or other??
> Started wiki??
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