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friends, i made the following decision.( thread started

   1. a two days GIMP training program will be conducted at kanghagad on
      august 8th and 9th.
      2. the class is handled by at least 3 persons
         1. a good professional graphic designer(will lead the program).
         2. a trainer, having two years training experience(in photo shop)
         at a leading multimedia training institute
         3. a person who is familiar with Debian/ubuntu(in gnome)
      3. there will be a text book(only digital copy), which will improve
      the effectiveness of the program.

where is kanhagad:

   - it is a major town in kasaragod district.
   - it is the nearest point to the bakel fort, ananthasramam,

why kanghagad?

   - there a good amount of people who need the help of free software
   - there are less aware about the community.
   - kasaragod is my home town(even though now i'm not there)

what are the felicities at kanghagad?

   - it on NH-17
   - have railway station, where most of the trains have stop.
   - there are good hotels relatively at cheaper rates
   - there is also a gov. gust house.

if you people are interested i get you more information(regarding train
timings hotel rent etc.)

2009/7/7 sooraj kenoth <soorajkenoth@xxxxxxxxx>

i'm trying to prove that the free software application has good commercial
> value and are more reliable.
> if i'm conducting it in a college it is difficult to project its commercial
> side.
> 2009/7/6 Navaneeth T <navanjo@xxxxxxxxx>
> Hi
>> please try to conduct it on Onam vacation
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