[fsf60k] meaty meeting

  • From: richard wiltamuth <dwiltam@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fsf60k@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2009 16:36:39 -0500

dear friends,
an uptick in attendance was observed at last night's meeting, including
youthful faces, and the participants could not have been disappointed by the
activity that transpired.
1. the water troubles in nuevo amanecer are legendary, but a new plan could
be the arsenic-free solution. the mayor of telica, whose municipality
includes nuevo, wants to drill a new well and pipe cooler and less
contaminated water two miles to nuevo and two adjacent communities at a
total cost of about $125,000. friends' share would be about $25,000. mike
cipoletti has met with the mayor, and the mayor has provided a proposal. but
it is very general, so george pardo would like to hear your questions about
specific costs, water quality, etc. his address is gpardo@xxxxxxxxxx, and he
is standing by to receive your thoughts and relay them to the relevant
authorities. another nonprofit with extensive experience in nica, world
vision, is being asked to pay about $30,000, and that group has been
contacted in managua to gets its view of the proposal, and was sent a copy
of the mayor's plan. also, george will contact the office of elmer zelaya, a
hydrologist in leon who supervised the much larger chacraseca water
installation. zelaya might be hired as our onsite representative. in the
meantime, friends agreed to continue helping to pay for water to be trucked
to nuevo.
2. friends agreed to provide carol werblin $1,000 for her social action
organization, separate from hihi, that provides food and clothing to very
poor people in the huntington station area. that leaves $6,500 in the
liquidnet award fund that needs to be spent locally. millie willen suggested
using some funds to provide aid to college-bound students.
3. pete white has sent a letter to each major league baseball team asking
for support for the "fields of dreams" project in chacraseca.
4. he has received paperwork for setting up friends chapters under irs
provisions. there may be three---northeast colleges coordinated by mike,
miami-dade college and james madison university supervised by shari
kornblatt. these chapters would be responsible for their own bookkeeping,
liability insurance, etc. in a related matter, pete and others again
expressed concern about continuing to handle the books for the high school
group. interest earned on the funds is exceeded by the cost of the tax
accountant's work, and many hours of volunteer work is required to keep the
records. the matter may be resolved before dec. 31 to avoid the status quo
for another tax year.
5. interest was expressed in an adult trip to nicaragua, possibly next

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