[fsf60k] last night's meeting

  • From: "richard wiltamuth" <dwiltam@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fsf60k@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 13:22:37 -0400

dear friends,
shari kornblatt starred as the returnee from nicaragua. here are her main
bought $300 worth of blankets, coffee, pottery, jewelry and woodcrafts
including a stunning ice bucket. these items will be sold, hopefully at a
handsome profit, at cow harbor day.
reported that many in nuevo amanecer are not paying for diesel fuel for
pump. however, this is rainy season so there may be less demand. also those
who are not paying are also not receiving water, so the amount of diesel
should be lower because less water is being pumped. therefore, the cost to
those who are getting water should not rise. mike cipoletti will be asked to
check this out on his upcoming trip. mike asks for other suggestions on what
he could be following up on during his trip; contact him at ikecip@xxxxxxxx
the biointensive project in nuevo has broken ground. jerry arguella has been
instructing the locals. some of the first planting died for lack of water;
jerry is to buy a water tank for the field. they are also learning the art
and science of composting.
got receipts from comedor commission for donations from students, reported
chilly reception from most commission members, even though it was a hot day.
also, pete white reported that countess moira foundation has acknowledged
receiving a proposal from us for a $200,000 grant for building 100 homes in
chacraseca. no word on when decision will be forthcoming. if this proposal
falls through, we will apply to about a dozen other foundations that support
anti-poverty work in central america. it was suggested that an architectural
contest be held among nicaraguan students to design the houses.
jen brady has produced a fine prototype friends brochure. a copy was passed
around and suggestions made, and the copy will be forwarded to her.
concern was expressed about the pitiful attendance at monthly meetings. one
suggestion was for a web site that would reach a broad audience. jen has
indicated an interest in setting this up. george pardo already has a blog
site, so maybe the two could be merged.
also discussed was a possible fund-raising dinner to be held this year at a
catering hall. more information will be forthcoming.
finally, there is interest in a nica trip later this year, probably before
thanksgiving. if you're interested, contact pete at pedro831@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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