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dear friends,
thanks to kate and pete for sending report on the monthly meeting. having
these reports makes me, for one, feel like i have a handle on what's going
as for the $1,300 ($1,200?) to be raised for the sg match, again suggest
sending out a press release requesting donations and informing people about
our housing campaign. i would be happy to write it and seek comments before
sending to observer, record, newsday, etc. even if release doesn't raise a
dime, will gain us some visibility in the community, letting people know
we're accomplishing things. assuming we reach $10,000, would do another
release thanking donors. getting a $10,000 grant is not an everyday event,
so am sure we'll get positive coverage.
sg gave us 90 days to raise the $10,000; the deadline is about july 10. it
would be a shame to come so close and not make the match.
dick wiltamuth

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>  Morty and I will contribute $ 100.  If you think there is anything else
> we can do,let us know. Have you sent the freelist to members of Students
> ?If not,we can forward it to friends and family, Millie
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>               [fsf60k] FW: Request from Pete and Kate after meeting of Jun
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> Subject: [fsf60k] FW: Request from Pete and Kate after meeting of June  7
> Hi Everyone, Below is a letter Kate and I composed after the last Friends
> meeting of June 7. I hope you will read it and respond. Be well. Watch the
> heat. PW
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> Subject: Request after meeting of June 7
> Hi Kate, below is second draft of letter to members about finishing off the
> $10K SG matching housing grant. If you approve, I'll send out. PW
> Greetings Friends,
> Our last meeting of Friends of SF60K was Thurs. eve. June 7. Several folks
> called or emailed that they could not attend. This left us with a small
> meeting of only three, the two of us and Mike Cipoletti who came from Boston
> to attend. As usual, we had a good meeting that lasted until after 9 p.m.
> Several topics were discussed including:
> .Pete's anti-gang initiative with Suff. Co. officials and social work orgs.
> .Comedor Escolar Project and study
> .Filing of taxes for 2011
> .Problems with tax filings of our two chapters
> .Playground project in Nicaragua
> .Housing grant from SG Foundation
> .Other topics
> One important reason we wish we had a larger turnout for the meeting deals
> with the Housing Grant from SG Foundation. As many of you may know, this
> past spring Dick Wiltamuth prepared a grant request to the foundation which
> is in Calif. In 2009 we received $6000 from SG toward our housing initiative
> (which is to build 100 houses for needy families in Chacraseca and
> surrounding areas). This time around, due to the success of the 2009
> initiative and Dick's fine grantsmanship, SG responded by saying it would
> provide $10000, so long as we raise/match that ourselves. Here is where we
> need more involvement.
> So far, we have received $1500 from the Bergman Family Foundation and $1650
> from alumni from Class of 1982, for a total of $3150 (Pete was class advisor
> to the class of 1982 which is having its 30th reunion this summer). Also,
> Students for 60000 is working on a contribution to fund the cost of three
> houses (which run  $1850 each)or $5550, bringing the total to $8700. That
> leaves a balance of $1300 to be raised by us.
> We would very much like to see someone from within our organization take the
> lead on this, to brainstorm with others, or chair a committee to raise this
> remaining $1300 so we can accomplish the goal of $10000 and so that we are
> as directly involved as these other donors mentioned above, including the
> school students. Once we reach the goal of $10000 we will qualify for the
> $10000 SG matching grant and have $20000 for our housing initiative. Perhaps
> we can organize a fall trip to directly bring  this sum to Nicaragua and to
> be more than "funders," but physically part of the housing project (Note:
> $20000 will build 11 houses at $1850 each. The recipient families will pay
> back one quarter of this sum over time).
> Please contact us as soon as possible if you have any ideas on how to obtain
> this remaining $1300, and/or if you wish to take the lead on organizing an
> activity that would provide it. We do not want to see any part of this
> $10000 matching grant opportunity lost.
> The Town of Hunting Parks Dept. has indicated that it is replacing a rather
> large children's park in Otsego Park, on Commack Rd., 1.5 mi. so. of LIE in
> Commack. They offered the present park equipment/apparatus to us to benefit
> the children of Nicaragua who have little in the way of recreational
> opportunities, if we wish to dismantle it. Parks such as this would cost
> between $50000-$100000 if purchased new. (Pete and Jim Zima have researched
> costs for new park equipment over the past few months with several vendors
> and manufacturers).  Jim and  Pete checked  out the Otsego park and found it
> to be more than suitable. The only problem is with the dismantling, and of
> course  the storage and shipping concerns, as well as the politics on the
> Nicaragua end. They are excited about this possibility. This is just FYI.
> Our real concern is the SG Foundation matching grant, so...
> please get in touch with us if you have ideas or wish to get directly
> involved so we can get  over the top with the $10000 housing grant. It is
> important, not only for us but also for the the forgotten poor.
> Be well. Good luck with the heat wave. See you next meeting (which may be
> delayed a bit if July 4 becomes a conflict. We'll let you know).
> Pete and Kate
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