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Hola Emily et. al.,
Congratulations on this fine work. I'm very happy that many young people
from Miami Dade and the HS you are cooperating with will benefit from this
grant. I'm sure many will find there way, as have so many kids (now adults)
from SF60K, toward a life time of involvement as result of what you have
planned for them. Thanks for the kind words below, however I did little
besides cooperating with the State Farm folks when they called and emailed.
The real work was done by you folks at M/Dade who came together to write
this grant. Maybe they can guide us at Friends toward some better grant
opportunities. Be well. PW

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Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2011 18:52:47 -0400
Subject: [fsf60k] State Farm Youth Advisory Board Grant
From: Emily Sendin <esendin@xxxxxxxxx>

Dear Friends,
We have some good news from Florida! Imagination Federation has been awarded
a State Farm Youth Advisory Board grant for $96,300.00. This is our first
grant as a chapter of Friends of Students for 60,000, and we are very
excited to share the news with all of you. Here is the link to the State
Farm announcement though a former press release will follow:
http://www.statefarmyab.com/projects. The check ceremony is scheduled for
the second week of September. This is a local environmental grant that
involves high school and college students.

I want to thank Peter White for all his support during the application
process. Without his work behind the scenes, I am not so sure we would have
gotten it. All of us here in Florida are very grateful, Peter, for your time
and effort!

Here is to future grants to come for all of us!

All my best,



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