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Hi Members of Friends of Students for 60000, Inc.
Dick is away this week so I'm reminding everyone that there is a regular
meeting of Friends of SF60K,Inc. at Temple Beth El at 7:30 pm on Thurs
night. I know it is near the holiday, but we meet monthly and this is
important for moving forward and also putting the final touches on our
Summer Sunset Soiree. FYI, the Summer Sunset Soiree committee, about 5-7
members, has been meeting every two weeks at Millie Willen's house planning
the event, which is shaping up very nicely. Last night we addressed 400
invitations and today they were mailed. We are hoping for a crowd of between
100 and 200 for July 28th. All three of our honorees are coming and it is a
very special time for us all, especially since this upcoming year marks the
20th anniv. of the student club. I hope all who read these freelist blog
messages will attend. Be well and try to make the meeting next Thursday.
Hasta pronto. Pete White
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Hi Jess!  Fran Killelea here.   This is a really nice  invitation!
If you will forgive me, I have two suggestions that struck me -- first of
all, maybe the beer and wine shouldn't be featured first on the list of what
"included" if we're going to put out the donation cup as we said Thursday
night  -- seems contradictory!  Maybe add them toward the end?
Also, maybe the fundraiser idea should be more prominent before the  end,
maybe at the beginning? and where you say "proceeds to the Friends of
Project" I the reader am confused and think that there is a  specific
that is not mentioned in the invitation.

Please forgive these suggestions but maybe they are helpful, no criticism

I will be emailing you some addresses later tonight or tomorrow.
Thanks for all your work!!

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