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love this picture
thanks for sharing!

On Mar 9, 2012, at 2:42 PM, Peter White wrote:

> Hola, Attached should be photo of Sister Joan's 70th Anniv. as a nun. She
> looks better in this photo than in person. Sr. Rita also looks better in
> this photo than in person. But they're all smiles and still there. Jim Zima,
> Kathleen and I visited last Sunday. Nice visit. PW
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> <<JoanU.70ann.Nica GROUP.2.jpg>> Hi Peter - just spoke with Vidalia -
> like over an hr. ago. AND just as I did - I remembered that I FORGOT to
> send you Joan's ANN.70th Celebration picture - 2 wks. ago now.  We only
> have visitors for our 50th - after that no more outsiders.  BUT here's
> the picture.  I told Vidalia I'd give her one when she comes - but it'll
> be black and white.   She doesn't do computer.
> Her info.:*** Ella llege a La Guardia, Am. Airlines # 1114 at 8:50 A.M.
> on Th. March 15th  y regresa a Dom.. March 18th  4:45 P.M  (La Guardia).
> See you PRONTO - manana por la tarde.  I'll have my phone with me, call
> after 1200 noon (914-715-3955) - we'll be finished with the Lit. then
> and can time your arrival (& look for Joan, as she'll forget - almost as
> soon as I tell her).  Last time Joe was here with his dog - she had gone
> and was already eating in the other dinning rm. when we caught up with
> her.  I faced her down the hall (to finish picking up the hymn bks. etc.
> before going down) - and she forgot!!  Vamos a ver - see you then!  Love
> & Prayer, Eliz
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> Hi Nicas,
> A great group of missioners.
> I will print this out for Joan.
> Can someone send this on to Sylvia and/or Rita's nieces?
> Enjoy.
> Blessings,
> Peg
> Can anyone insert Gerri Brake into this?
> <JoanU.70ann.Nica GROUP.2.jpg>

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