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dear friends,
this message to the northport superintendent and school board is intended to
move along the process of selecting new advisers.
you are welcome to send your comments. their e-mail addresses are below.
dick w.

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From: richard wiltamuth <dwiltam@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, Apr 12, 2008 at 1:36 PM
Subject: sf60k adviser clarification
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dear board members and superintendent,
i thought the wednesday meeting went very well. the students and other
speakers were articulate, and the general feeling was positive---the club
will live on. congratulations on taking an affirmative stand.
but i think the administration needs to clarify its offer for advisers;
specifics were not provided at the meeting. when i heard the word
"coordinator," i thought that meant "full-time coordinator." that was the
intention of the one-page proposal peter white and i were asked to prepare,
in which it was recommended that the adviser job be upgraded  from pay code
the question is whether "coordinator" means 0.4, two periods devoted to the
club per school day, or something else. i don't think an acceptable
candidate will emerge unless the club job is full-time, with no classroom
here's why: with the 0.4 schedule, or about 10 hours a week, the adviser
could reasonably handle routine club matters, including the main meeting
tuesday night, other meetings that pop up, packing suitcases, getting signs
and fliers made, submitting paperwork, making airline and other travel
arrangements, dealing with the public, etc.
the problem is the many other hours spent on the club that go far beyond the
10 hours that would be paid for each week. these include weekend
fundraisers, mainly four per school year for "tootsie rolls." then there's
shanty, comedy-dinner night and several other fund-raisers that develop.
trips to ps 49 in the bronx eat up hours, as do visits to soup kitchens and
other venues for the poor. the big one of course is nicaragua, which
presently involves two trips for a total of 18 days.
all of these activities outside the school day add up to hundreds of hours
beyond the 10 per week in the 0.4 plan. it would be much more attractive for
a teacher to simply teach five periods a day for the same amount of money
and go home.
the acid test will be in who applies for the job. i believe a full-time
coordinator is the only teacher offering that will work.
there is, however, another option, which is to appoint an outside consultant
to be the primary adviser. one person who has stepped forward is michael
cipoletti, a northport high graduate who was recommended by several speakers
at the meeting. he has expressed an interest in the position and is familiar
with the workings of the club, including planning and leading trips to
nicaragua. he has also indicated that he would work toward certification as
a teacher. speakers pointed out that passion for this type of work is
important, and michael cipoletti has that in abundance.
please be open to any and all options, as our common goal is to continue and
expand the club.
dick wiltamuth
assistant adviser

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