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i would love to attend this meeting as well..
i think this is a great idea and if advertised properly would sell out...
get good food and music
and push sales...
pete this is not a joe diffie... take a risk and it will be worthwhile.. just 
make sure people feel like they are getting there moneys worth

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Hi All. Here's a rapid piece of work from "fall event" chairperson Kristi 
Lalor. Please read it and get back to her (kristi.lalor@xxxxxxxxx) or by phone. 
Still seems high. Maybe Phil can be of help to bring the cost down. On the 
other hand, if we do get a large crowd and they can pay $75 per as OLQM did in 
May 07, then there would be profit in going forward. This seems high, but maybe 
it's the going rate. By switching to a weeknight and eliminating booze, I 
thought the price tag would come down more than this. Kristi, I'll be at the 
meeting whenever it is best. You all decide when is best. PW

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Hi Mr. White & Mr. Wiltamuth, 

I couldn't find a previous e-mail on freelist to send this e-mail from. Would 
one of you ?mind sending this message along?? Thanks!

I spoke with Harry from Larkfield Manor this morning.

There are plenty of week-dates available in November: all Tuesdays/Thursdays, 
as well as Monday 11/24 (that's out I would think) and the last 2 Wednesdays.

He would be able to give us 4.5 hours in a room for over 200 people with an 
open buffet with wine/beer for $40. If we're tax?exempt, plus an 18% service 
charge he would

cut us a deal at $45 a head all inclusive. He's nervous about the brewery 
coming in because it could?jeopardize??his liquor license. He would still have 
to charge us 1/2 of whatever it was ($10 let's say) for glasses and?bar-staff 
anyway if it was done that way.?

In total we would have to lay out $6700 (that's including the service charge 
and everything) for a weeknight in November for open buffet, wine/beer, and 4.5 
hours instead of 5 hours.

We would then have to look at additional expenses we might need to pay for such 
as a band (although, I think Marie made it seem as though it would be free), 
any fees for the brochure, or the press release in the Observer.?

I'll be calling Phil to tell him what we discussed last night later on today. 
Is it possible (even just for a few of us) to meet this Sunday 9/7 in the 
morning or after 5:30pm? Then another night next week could be scheduled 
(Friday afternoon/night, Saturday day, or Sunday morning/evening)?

I don't know how we should decide on a date that works best? Over the list-serv 
or the committee whenever we do meet?

Ok, great!! Talk to you all soon! Have a great week!


cell: 896 9180

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