[fruityloops] Re: what does everyone use to play back fruityloopsparts?

  • From: Andrew Ebling <aebling@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: 07 Feb 2002 07:28:23 +0000

On Thu, 2002-02-07 at 02:36, moonz wrote:
> Andy...what is your digital audio setup?

I playback thru a humble es1371 based SB16 PCI!  Nothing special, but it
works.  I have a Guillemot Maxi home studio 64 (ISA card) sitting in a
cupboard somewhere that I used to use for music work, but its drivers
were really naff (typical for Guillemot I'm afraid; impressive hardware
capability but poor drivers and support).  It had fantastic sound
quality, two outputs, hardware synth/sampler with 16MB of RAM and the
capability of mixing 8 stereo channels into stereo with 2 FX. 

I ditched it because the bad drivers were holding back the DVD playback
performance.  As I was strapped for cash at the time, I bought the
cheapest card that I knew would do the job and that was the SB16 PCI.

> and...how does midi fit into fruity?

I use a Korg X5D as a MIDI master keyboard and for sampling sounds.  I
particularly like its pads and strings although it all goes a bit flat
in multi mode (playing parts on all 16 MIDI channels at once) as you
have to spread the FX unit over all parts then.

best regards,


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