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> Ok, here is another problem for y'all:
> Often when I am doing music, I need to be able to access the same audio
> device from several applications.  For example:
> - I'm writing a song in fruityloops
> - I need to use beatslicer, so I open it up (either via the start menu
> or from fruityslicer) do my editing, but I can't play anything back in
> beatslicer because fruityloops "has hold" of the soundcard.
> - I then decide to edit a sample that I am using in my preferred wave
> editor (CoolEdit96), again I can't playback because fruityloops has hold
> of the sound card.
> I seen an application called VAC that looks like it could solve this
> problem:

Well...your soundcard must not be using a multi-client driver?

Hubi's Loopback...Vitrual Audio Cable...Midi Yoke....any one 
of these should work for you. 

If you need one of these let me know...Midi Yoke is only 250k big
I'll send it to your email.

> http://spider.nrcde.ru/music/software/eng/vac.html
> (It is also handy for recording the output of softsynths/VSTis back to
> disk, although I guess you can already do this in fruity to some extent)
> Do I really need to fork out for this software, is there a simpler
> solution?  How do other people get round this problem.
> Previously I had a sound card that had 8 devices (for streaming 8
> channels into one), so I could just assign each application a device and
> everything would play nicely together.  Now I have a more basic sound
> card and need to get round the limitation of only having one device.
> -- 
> best regards,
> Andy

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