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Here we are.  Enjoy!  (Additions welcome)

FruityLoops 3.55 Keyboard and Mouse Shortcut list

Keystrokes and mouse tips given in logical sections.

(Some keystrokes are duplicated where approapriate)

File Operations

Ctrl+O  Open File
Ctrl+S  Save File
Ctrl+shift+S Save As...

Ctrl+R  Export Wave File
Ctrl+shift+R Export MP3 File
Ctrl+M  Export MIDI File

Alt+1...8  Open recent file 1...8

Record/Playback Control

Space   Start & stop playback
L   Switch between pattern and song mode
R   Switch on/off recording

0 (numpad)  Fast forward
/ (numpad)  Previous bar (song mode only)
* (numpad)  Next bar (song mode only)

Ctrl+H  Stop sound (Sound Panic)
Ctrl+T  Toggle Typing keyboard to piano keyboard
Ctrl+B  Toggle Blend Notes
Ctrl+Shift+M Toggle Metronome
Ctrl+I  Toggle Wait for input to start playing
Ctrl+P  Toggle recording precount
Ctrl+E  Toggle Step Edit

- to loop a selection of a song, hold ctrl and drag in the green area below
the bar numbers

- right click on Typing keyboard to piano keyboard toggle
to select current octave.

- Right click on tempo for quick tempo selection or tempo options, (useful
it you want to half the tempo to record something tricky).

- Right click on the metronome to select the sound used to mark time.

- Right click on the precount icon to select a 1 or 2 bar count in.

- Right click on the "Wait for keyboard input" to select "only when

Pattern Selection

1..9 (numpad) Select patterns 1-9

+ (numpad)  Next pattern
- (numpad)  Previous pattern
Right Arrow  Next pattern
Left Arrow  Previous pattern

F4   Next Empty pattern

Window Navigation

Tab   Cycles windows within program
Enter   Shows/hides/maximises/minimises playlist
Esc   Closes a window

F1   Online help.  It is actually pretty good ;-).

F5   Shows/hides playlist
F6   Shows/hides Step Sequencer
F7   Shows/hides Piano Roll
F8   Shows/hides Sample Browser
F9   Shows/hides FX

F10   Shows/hides MIDI Settings window
F11   Shows/hides Song Info window

F12   Close all windows
Ctrl+shift+H Arrange windows

Step Sequencer

F6   Shows/hides step sequencer

1...0   Mutes/Unmutes first ten channels
Ctrl+1...0  Solos/Unsolos first ten channels

Up Arrow  Select Previous channel
Down Arrow  Select Next channel

Ctrl+del  Delete selected channel
Alt+G   Group selected channels
Alt+Z   Zip/Collapse selected channels
   (useful for layers)
Alt+U   Unzip selected channers

Alt+Up Arrow Move Selected channel up
Alt+Down Arrow Move Selected channel down

Page Up  Next Channel Filter Group
Page Down  Previous Channel Filter Group

Ctrl+x  Cut channel note data
Ctrl+c  Copy channel note data
Ctrl+v  Paste channel note data

Ctrl+shift+C Clone channel

Ctrl+W  Copy whole pattern

Shift+Left  Shift notes backward one step (for selected channel(s)).
Shift+Right  Shift notes forward one step (for selected channel(s)).

Alt+R   Randomize
Alt+H   Humanize

Alt+P   Send selected channel to Piano Roll

K   Show Keyboard Editor
G   Graph Editor

- Shift + Right click on channel names to change the names.

- Ctrl + Left click on the channel name to hear the sound produced by the

- Middle dragging is a convienient way to scroll in the step sequencer.

- Middle clicking the green channel selector indicators selects multiple
channels (same as shift+right clicking).

- The graph editor and keyboard editor can now be used simultaneously.

- Right dragging in the graph editor levels the tops of events.

- Don't forget that the shuffle control can also be automated, allowing a
track to change feel part way through.

Piano Roll

1...4   Zoom select
Page Up  Zoom in
Page Down  Zoom out
Alt+Z   Zoom toggle

e   Select tool
i   interpolate tool
d   delete tool
p   draw/pen tool

s   slide toggle

Ctrl+M  Import MIDI file
Ctrl+shift+V Paste MIDI from clipboard

Ctrl+X  Cut note data
Ctrl+C  Copy note data
Ctrl+V  Paste note data
Del   Delete note data
Ctrl+Del  Delete all note data

Ctrl+N  Slice a long note to snap value
   (great for drum fills).

Ctrl+s  Snap

- Right clicking with the pen tool deletes notes

- Double clicking a note brings up its properties, useful for editing notes
that start simultaneously where using the event editor is tricky.

- Middle dragging is a handy way to navigate/scroll the piano roll.

- To level the top of events, right drag across them in the event editor.

Play List

F5   Shows/hides Play List

Ins   Insert Bar
Del   Delete Bar

Ctrl+Ins  Insert Pattern (before selected pattern)
Ctrl+Del  Delete Selected Pattern
Ctrl+shift+C Clone Selected Pattern (unreliable).

Alt+Up Arrow Move selected pattern up
Alt+Down Arrow Move selected pattern down

Alt+P   Edit selected pattern in piano roll

Backspace  Center playback grid around song position

- Right click on black "Pattern XX" areas to set pattern names.

- Double click in area between pattern 1 and the bar numbers
to set the song to loop on one bar.

- Ctrl + shift left click as above to set a number of bars to
loop over.

- Entire sections of the song can be cut/copied/pasted by Ctrl+right
dragging to select a region (shows up red), then selecting
"Selection->Cut/Copy/Paste" from the playlist menu.

- You can drag samples out of the sample browser into the playlist.  This
automatically creates a pattern (with the name of the sample) that plays
that sample and places it in the playlist.

- Right clicking in the green area directly below the bar numbers sets the
repeat point.

Channel Settings

Enter   Plays sample (same as left clicking on sample display)
L/R Arrow  Steps thru SMP/INS/MISC/FUNC

- middle click in the evelope display to adjust tension in a part of the

- Right click on Del/Att/Hold/Dec/Sus/Rel dials to set values in steps.

- Right click on title bar to set channel name.

- Double click on the FX send digit to view/edit FX in the selected FX

- Right click on Stretch digits to quick set a coarse value.

- Left click on grey area above keyboard to set limits on hi/lo playback

- Right click on grey area above keyboard to set the key that plays the
sample at its original pitch.

- Remember you can automate the type of chords played by the arpegiator
(this is tricky; bit of a blind/trial-and-error process.  It may help to set
a desired chord and use the "Edit->Init with this position" function in the
event editor.)

- Clicking the top of the keys on the preview keyboard plays the sound
quietly, clicking on the bottom plays the sound loudly.

FX Window

- You can now resize the FX window like any other window, to display all
eight FX slots at once.

- You can set "smart disable" of individual effects, or all at once using
Tools->Misc Macros->Switch Smart disable for all effects.

Misc Tricks

- Right click on empty panel space to turn individual panels on/off

- Right click on the PL (playlist) button on the tool bar to
maximise/unmaximise the playlist.

- Right click on the count down switch to select a one or two bar count in.

- Right click on the metronome to alter the sound used.

- Right click on the "wait for input" button to select it for recording

- Tiny switch next to CPU/Output Monitor turns it on/off.

- If you normally use ASIO output drivers, but your song is not playing back
properly due to high CPU load, try temporarily selecting a DirectSound
driver and increasing the buffer length the maximum.

- Click the fruit in the top left of the screen slowly and see what happens.

- To make this reference instantly accessible within Fruityloops, do the

   1. Tools->Add external tool

   2. Click on the Folder Button next to the "File Location" box.

   3. In the "Browse for tool..."  requester browse for the folder that
contains the file.

   4. You will not be able to se the file until you type "*.txt"  into the
"File Name" box and hit return.

   5. Double click on the "fruityloops-key-commands.txt" file.

   Now the "fruityloops-key-commands.txt" will appear on the "Tools" Menu
and you can launch it without having to leave Fruityloops.

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Thanks to:
Robert Fegley

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