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v) keep your samples small and send them around via email.  This is what
I do.  You have to make sure the recipient has all the same VSTi/VST
installed though.


What exactly is meant by this statment above?  Did you mean that if the =
receiving person doesn't have, for example, an FM7 synth & you used the =
FM7 to generate your synth line, the person wouldn't hear your synth =
line?  Also, what if they have a reverb effect installed but it isn't =
the same brand reverb as the one you used.  Will they still be able to =
hear that effect?



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On Thu, 2002-10-10 at 06:58, Mark Weingarten wrote:
>  Hi everybody-   My name is Mark and currently living in Portland, =
> USA.  I'm glad to see that people are figuring out and and sharing =
> tothe many mysteries of fruityloops. =20

Hi Mark and welcome to the list.

> I have been playing with it for about
> 6months and am learning new things every time I use it. =20

I'm finding this too and I've been using it intensively since the
beginning of the year.

> Here are some of my many
> questions:  =20

> -Will fruityloops work better (less strain on CPU) in Windows
> 98than 2000?  My computer is a Dell laptop with a Pentium 2, running =
> 2000 and is not able to handle everything I want to do in FL.  How can =
> improve it's performance?  =20

As long as you have enough RAM, Win2K is probably better from the point
of view of stability.  Another factor that comes into play is the sound
card in the laptop and how good its drivers are in 98 and win2k.  There
are also various way to tweak win2k and XP to make them use less
resources.  A quick trip to google.com will turn up a few relevant

Although you should be able to do a fair amount of sample based work
with a Pentium 2, you'll probably need more raw CPU power if you start
using a lot of VSTis or VST effects.  I like to do as much as possible
with VSTis and use lots of VST effects which means that I regularly
bring my 1.2GHz Athlon to its knees.  No budget to upgrade currently

> -If I want to record a guitar track on top of a
> FL creation, do I need another program, or should I just record it as =
> file and import the sample?  Anybody been using a Line6 guitarport for
> something like this?  =20

You basically have two options. =20

i) You can buy the EZ-editor add-on which apart from giving you a nice
lean and fast sample editor, gives you the ability to record real time
audio and load it into a sampler channel.  If you record more than a
short clip, you'll want to make sure the "leave on disk" option is
enabled in the sampler channel, or you'll start running out of RAM.

ii) Get a basic VSTi compatible sequencer/hard disk recorder and use
that to record your guitar parts and use fruityloops as a VSTi inside
that.  I use n-track for this (http://www.ntrack.com) which is cheap and
effective although it isn't the prettiest thing to look at and I'm still
ironing out the last few glitches (n-track support forum peeps are
generally helpful folk though). =20

Another plus with n-track is that you can apply VST effects to the
instrument you are recording, so you hear the guitar with effects while
you are recording, but a clean version gets recorded (i.e. without any
effects applied).  This gives you the greatest opportunity for tweaking
the effects to your satisfaction later on, but gives you the confidence
to play well during the recording session.

However, you might find that your system buckles under the load of
running fruity as a VSTi inside another sequencer though.  I'd recommend
you download some demos and try things out before you part with your
cash.  I think the n-track demo is mostly functional.

Either way, guitarport is probably one of the best ways to plug your
guitar into your PC without spending serious amounts of cash.  Do check
you can get win2k drivers though.

> -Where can I put songs (on the web) in FL format, so
> that friends can download them and add on to them? =20

Five options:

i) use the "Live Loop" functionality within fruityloops to upload
songs.  This has the disadvantage that you can only use samples that
came with fruityloops.

ii) http://www.sectionz.net a whole community based around electronic
music with an emphasis on fruityloops.  The site is a bit unreliable and
slow at times, but good fun all the same.  You can get your tracks rated
and get in a top twenty chart each month if you are good enough.  You
can upload in mp3 or flp format.

iii) Use the Song Exchange area on fruityloops.com (bottom right of the
main page), again mp3 or flp is fine.

iv) just get some normal webspace and upload them there.

v) keep your samples small and send them around via email.  This is what
I do.  You have to make sure the recipient has all the same VSTi/VST
installed though.=20

> -Any good suggestions
> for free VSTs?  =20

for VST effects check out=20


there are loads of good ones there.

For more general info on VST see


Computer Music Magazine (UK publication but you can get it
internationally) have given away some pretty cool free VSTis in recent
months: CM101 (basic subtractive synth) SR202 (drum sampler/synthesiser)
DS404 (virtual sampler with some fantastic filters).  They have all of
these on the cover CDROM each month and a new one is due out soon
aparently.  The magazine is good if you are just setting out, but there
isn't that much stuff to keep you interested once you have got past the

http://www.rgcaudio.com has the fantastic Triangle II for free and some
pretty storming commercial ones as well (Pentagon and z3ta+).  Ignore at
your peril!

If you have money to burn, you might want to check out
http://www.nativeinstruments.com I'd advise against trying out the demos
unless you can afford to buy!

> If I figure out a good way to do it, I would love to share some
> of my creations and get some feedback.  They're starting to really =
> together...

Cool.  Keep us posted.

best regards,


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