[fruityloops] new member with all sorts of questions

  • From: "Mark Weingarten" <markzweingarten@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 01:58:14 -0500

 Hi everybody-   My name is Mark and currently living in Portland, Oregon,
USA.  I'm glad to see that people are figuring out and and sharing answers
tothe many mysteries of fruityloops.  I have been playing with it for about
6months and am learning new things every time I use it.  I am mostly making
raucous, polyrhythmic loops out of sliced up beats (stretched, backwards,
etc) in the style of Amon Tobin and Squarepusher, but lately I've been
experimenting with slicing dialogue (the first Airplane movie is a goldmine)
and pasting it into funky, breakbeat collages.  Here are some of my many
questions:   -Will fruityloops work better (less strain on CPU) in Windows
98than 2000?  My computer is a Dell laptop with a Pentium 2, running Windows
2000 and is not able to handle everything I want to do in FL.  How can I
improve it's performance?   -If I want to record a guitar track on top of a
FL creation, do I need another program, or should I just record it as a WAV
file and import the sample?  Anybody been using a Line6 guitarport for
something like this?   -Where can I put songs (on the web) in FL format, so
that friends can download them and add on to them?   -Any good suggestions
for free VSTs?   all right.  That's enough for now.  I hope someone has some
answers...  If I figure out a good way to do it, I would love to share some
of my creations and get some feedback.  They're starting to really come

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