[fruityloops] Re: multi instruments in piano roll?

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Hi Andy,

I couldn't find a copy of computer music, so I downloaded the "Speedsoft
Vsampler" soft sampler trial and have that up and running.

Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to route midi from the step
sequencer/piano roll to the DXI Vsampler. The FL docs talk about using FL as
a vsti/dxi plugin for other sequencers but as far as I can see, not about
using a DXI driven by a midi channel.

I've tried the "midi out" and "fruity wrapper" plugins to try to route to
the Vsampler, but I just can't seem to figure out how to get the midi data
to play the samples in Vsampler.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :),



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> > In FL Studio, is there any way to bring several drum sample channels
> a
> > single piano roll, so that I can create whole drum tracks on a single
> piano
> > roll grid?
> >
> > I've seen this done in Cubase (although only in midi without a soft
> sampler)
> > in their dedicated drum editor, and was just wondering if anyone knew
> to
> > do it in Fruity or a workaround?
> You have several options at your disposal.
> i) create a Layer Channel and make all the drum sample channels children
> that layer, then set the root note and keyboard range for each of the drum
> sample channels appropriately
> ii) use a DrumSynthLive channel, which although synthesises drum sounds
> (rather than using straight samples) does the job for you.
> iii) get hold of a copy of computer music magazine and use their SR202
> and load your samples into that instead.  It even has multiple output
> support, so you can send the resulting sounds to different mixer channels.
> This is probably the best solution IMHO.
> hope that helps,
> Andy

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