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  • Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2003 13:45:56 -0700

Welcome to the world of music making on computer :-) If you are using the
keyboard to trigger sounds from synthesizers that are inside FruityLoops
(TS404 etc.) then what you are describing is called latency. It is the
amount of time that the computer takes to generate the sound, and put it out
through your sound card. What sound card you use makes a huge difference.
Also, if your sound card has ASIO drivers, make sure you have those chosen
under options > audio settings in FL. However, if you are having this
problem just with the sounds produced by your keyboard itself, then the
problem is that the midi signal is going to the computer, then the computer
is sending it back to your keyboard to trigger it. This is unnecessary, and
you can usually set your keyboard to play in "local" mode or something to
that effect. You'll have to look through the manual for the keyboard to
figure it out. Give yourself some time to learn your way around this stuff.
I takes a while.

Doug Gough

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> Hi... my name is Joe, and I am new the fruityloops and sequencing
> world.  I'm
> a classical pianist and drummer who is looking to make some techno
> recordings.  However, I'm encountering some problems along the
> way.  I have a Yahama
> keyboard hooked up (via MIDI) to my computer, and everything
> works great EXCEPT
> that when I press a key down on the keyboard there is a split
> second delay,
> which makes things TERRIBLE when recording live.  Any help would
> be greatly
> appreciated.  Thank you.

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