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  • Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 09:41:15 +0100

Someone on the fruity forum shared another cool little tip that works in
Studio over the weekend.   Draw a chord in the piano roll for one bar, then
hold down shift and drag a diagonal line across the chord. The chord gets
sliced up along the line you drew. 

As for Ctrl-W, it's been removed in Studio. However if you double click on
one of the LEDs next to each channel it will select the whole pattern which
is nearly as good. There's another workaround too but I've forgotten it.

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i came across this last night, not sure if its new or i had just never 
noticed it before. 

i was automating a cutoff in the fruity free filter and noticed in the 
automation edit window on the menu options there's tool > lfo.  fuckin dope!

lots of control over it too. 

heres a question:  what happened to the copy whole pattern feature 
(ctrl-w)???  is it gone? 


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