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  • Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 10:02:14 -0000

What sound card are you using and with what drivers ?? 
It maybe that you have the latency set to low (found under options, audio
settings or something ??) 
The latency you can use depends on many factors such as RAM and the type of
sound card. It seems you have enough ram so maybe its your card (or the
drivers) firstly try increasing the buffer size as described above and see
if that works 

Another thing is how many plugins are you using at once, I have absynth and
it is fairly taxing on the system. How many effects and audio channels are
you driving ??? 

More info and it will be easier to help :) 


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Hi my name is Giles,

I have been using Fruityloops for about six months and i have to say it one
hell of a peice
of software. I like to create anything from deep house to breakbeat and d&b.
I Have recently
bought a few vst plug-ins including absynth and atmosphere both of which are
perfect for my
taste in house music, the problem is my CPU is shooting through the roof and
jaming the whole
program up. I have a highish spec Dell Dimension pc with 2ghz pentium 3,
512 ram and 80 gig harddrive
so this should be able to cope with all the software. Can anyone offer any
suggestions on how to improve

by the way i am not very computer literate so go easy on the jargon.



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