[fruityloops] Re: how to record ONLY patterns (so NO AUTOMATIONS)with the MIDI keyboard

  • From: "Bart Burkhardt" <bart@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 13:58:50 +0200

> If you want to loop while recording, stay in song mode but set the whole
> song to loop by Ctrl+dragging on the bar numbers.

I just tried this , but looping is ok in Play mode, in Record mode the loops
stop after one loop !!

> However, I think the point you are missing is that in FLStudio, you have
> to specifically set the step sequencer to loop if you have a piano roll
> part that is longer than the step sequencer set width.  To do this click
> the new indicator in the top left of the step sequencer window.

Works only in Play mode, in Record mode, the rest of the tracks within the
pattern are not looping (not hearable I must say) and while recording the
counters are advancing into song position,in other words, it's recording a
song with automation, there's no option to Record without automation.

> When you say "record into the step sequencer", do you really mean that?
> Or do you mean "recording into the piano roll"?  I.e. when you have
> finished your recording, does the result show up as steps or as a piano
> roll?

Well yes, i like to record to step-sseuencer with MIDI input, i like the
strict alignment in step-sequencer.

> In order to record into the step sequencer, you either have to use step
> mode or specifically turn on recording into the step sequencer in one of
> the options dialogs.  Using this option usually confuses most people -
> its not recommended ;-)

You are right about that, it's a hassle to switch MIDI input to
Step-Sequencer or input to Piano roll, but as I said I like to record to
step-sequencer with MIDI input.
If this is not the way it should be done I will record to Piano Roll, then I
have to set the SNAP or quantisize settings. I used the MIDI to
step-sequencer also because it has a predefined record frame ( 4 beats 16
notes long) if this is also possible in Piano Roll mode i am not aware of
that because of my lazyness to check it out..

> I think the problem is that you are expecting the software to work in a
> way it is not designed to and then getting confused when it doesn't do
> what you expect.

I expect from software wich name is Fruityloops that it is good in dealing
with creating LOOPS

> Can you describe the problem in a single, short sentence please?

Okay in one sentence;

I want to record loops with MIDI input, in such way that I begin with a bass
loop, keep looping that loop, then record another loop ( while listening to
the previous recorded loops) then continue with this process until I have
enough loops to go into LIVE MODE and start jamming and finalize a SONG with
a playlist.


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