[fruityloops] Re: how to record ONLY patterns (so NO AUTOMATIONS)with the MIDI keyboard

  • From: Andrew Ebling <andyebling@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 08 Apr 2003 10:05:55 +0100

On Mon, 2003-04-07 at 23:05, Bart Burkhardt wrote:

> I am desperate in how to record patterns with the MIDI keyboard. What I
> don't understand is the following;
> When I record to step-sequencer (pattern mode) and press the record button
> the pattern is looping, so I hear the bass line I made earlier. Now I play
> on the MIDI keyboard and what I play is being recorded in the pattern. This
> seems fine at first sight BUT,
> If you look more carefully you see that the song position in not looping, it
> is recording as long as you press the play + record button. This way you can
> record song automation. This is not what I want. I have put the program in
> PATTERN MODE, so why is it recording to SONG AUTOMATION. That is what I
> might want to do later in SONG MODE.

I think you are really over complicating this and/or confusing yourself

Its much easier if you record all parts in their own pattern - I even go
as far as recording related notes and automation data in separate
patterns.  Then build the song up by layering patterns.

If you want to hear other previously recorded parts, then do your
recording in song mode (the end result is exactly the same as recording
in pattern mode).

If you want to loop while recording, stay in song mode but set the whole
song to loop by Ctrl+dragging on the bar numbers.

However, I think the point you are missing is that in FLStudio, you have
to specifically set the step sequencer to loop if you have a piano roll
part that is longer than the step sequencer set width.  To do this click
the new indicator in the top left of the step sequencer window.

> Actually I used this recording to "automation song mode" in Fruity 3.5 to
> make complete Songs, I never used to make songs with the playlist because I
> prefer to make songs turning knobs/ pressing button rather than to use the
> mouse and put dots in a matrix.
> Now with Fruity 4.01 there's a way to record a PLAYLIST with live mode, wich
> is very cool, but the problem with making the patterns still exist and is
> ever worse because of the following;
> When in FL4.01 you put the software in Pattern Mode, and Record to
> Step-Sequencer and press Record/Play and start playing with the MIDI
> keyboard the Pattern only loops once, after that only silence and I see the
> counters advancing into SONG POSITION. How can I now build up my LOOPS if I
> don't hear the previously recorded loops?

When you say "record into the step sequencer", do you really mean that? 
Or do you mean "recording into the piano roll"?  I.e. when you have
finished your recording, does the result show up as steps or as a piano

In order to record into the step sequencer, you either have to use step
mode or specifically turn on recording into the step sequencer in one of
the options dialogs.  Using this option usually confuses most people -
its not recommended ;-).

> I would like to say to everybody in this list, please have a look at my
> problem, I you experience similar difficulties we might can help each other
> in making loops more easy, at the moment I am kind of stuck.

I think the problem is that you are expecting the software to work in a
way it is not designed to and then getting confused when it doesn't do
what you expect.  Of course, your work flow and techniques are up to you
to decide on... within the parameters set by the programs
functionality.  If you are saying "I want to work in such-and-such a
way" but its awkward and fiddly, you are better of changing the way you
work than deciding that there is a problem with the application itself
and looking for work arounds.

I'm having difficulty figuring out exactly what the problem is, despite
the length of your post.  So instead I'm having to guess how you have
managed to get confused and made recommendations based on guesswork.

Can you describe the problem in a single, short sentence please?


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