[fruityloops] how to record ONLY patterns (so NO AUTOMATIONS) with the MIDI keyboard

  • From: "Bart Burkhardt" <bart@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 00:05:44 +0200

As I am very frustated because I can't seem to get a grip on using software
( wich is probably the first reason i joined this list ) I am posting
another question.

I am desperate in how to record patterns with the MIDI keyboard. What I
don't understand is the following;

When I record to step-sequencer (pattern mode) and press the record button
the pattern is looping, so I hear the bass line I made earlier. Now I play
on the MIDI keyboard and what I play is being recorded in the pattern. This
seems fine at first sight BUT,

If you look more carefully you see that the song position in not looping, it
is recording as long as you press the play + record button. This way you can
record song automation. This is not what I want. I have put the program in
PATTERN MODE, so why is it recording to SONG AUTOMATION. That is what I
might want to do later in SONG MODE.

Actually I used this recording to "automation song mode" in Fruity 3.5 to
make complete Songs, I never used to make songs with the playlist because I
prefer to make songs turning knobs/ pressing button rather than to use the
mouse and put dots in a matrix.

Now with Fruity 4.01 there's a way to record a PLAYLIST with live mode, wich
is very cool, but the problem with making the patterns still exist and is
ever worse because of the following;

When in FL4.01 you put the software in Pattern Mode, and Record to
Step-Sequencer and press Record/Play and start playing with the MIDI
keyboard the Pattern only loops once, after that only silence and I see the
counters advancing into SONG POSITION. How can I now build up my LOOPS if I
don't hear the previously recorded loops?

I just don't know,  do you?

I would like to say to everybody in this list, please have a look at my
problem, I you experience similar difficulties we might can help each other
in making loops more easy, at the moment I am kind of stuck.

I almost want to cream out loud;

HeLp mE  !!


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