[fruityloops] Re: hellow out thare not much going on here then :)

  • From: "Sinatra Y2k" <sinatra_y2k@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 10:59:32 -0700

> I need reviews of my two tracks (a third is in the pipeline):
> http://www.sectionz.net/sz40/userinfo.sz40?flooperTag=sp3cial-t3chniqu3

Done ... Reviewed "Feels So Good" at Sz ... pretty standard euro-house
cheeze sounds ...  but well-enough produced (drums particularly) that I hate
to just write it off as such ...  It just leaves me wishing it had a more of
a unique sound, rather than reminding me of a genre I don't really like...

Ultimately, I guess that just boils down to personal taste, because it does
seem to me to be very well produced - has a lot of the fills and other
"interest points", and excellent use of effects - especially compared to my
stuff, which is presently long on ideas and short on production value...

I'm streaming the other track right now ... it sounds great too ... your
tracks have a very professional polish to them ...

A *very* rough mix of my latest stuff just went up on S-z, if you'd like to
listen and review  (
http://www.sectionz.net/sz40/04detail.sz40?mp3ID=2165 ), its been up on
ampcast for a week though - think I posted the link before on the list).
Final mix is on its way, hopefully this weekend.


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