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welcome, I'm also new here.

But what I do is, I save a standard .flp track called; 0 (zero), in this
.flp I only saved the 32 Bars and some effects I standard use. When I begin
with a new track I load this '0' and I save as.. the new track. That's my

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hello.  im new to the list and just wanted to say a
quick hello.

i've been using fruitloops for about 2 years now.  most
of my tunes are drum n bass and hip-hop/downtempo.

quick question to start things off...  previous to 3.4,
any new song i started would initiate with the settings
of my previous song, i.e. there would be 32 bars per
pattern as in my last tune.  that doesn't seem to be
the case anymore, it always starts at 16.  is there a
place to change the default setting?

many more questions to come...


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