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  • Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2002 08:45:17 -0500

Thanks for the reply. Both of your suggestions worked perfectly. I also 
figured out how to play midi files on the XP-60. However, i am again in need 
of help. I cannot seem to export a midi file out of fruity and get it to 
play correctly in any device. I always get the "file damaged" error message. 
I have looked through the fruity manual but cant seem to find an answer. My 
computer is not connected to any external midi devices. All i am trying to 
do is export a midi file out of fruity, save it to disk and then insert the 
disk into another device like my keyboard. I have attached a small jpeg 
showing my current midi settings with the "midi sync ouput" box expanded. 
Just to confirm that its a fruity export setup problem, i have downloaded a 
couple of midi files and have successfully played then on my computer, in my 
keyboard and actually in fruity itself. Thanks.

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From: "David Rose" <dcr17@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [fruityloops] Re: Wavs/Midi
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2002 19:34:14 -0000

Hi Tony,

If you go to 'channels' - 'add one' - and choose 'sampler' it will give you
a sampler channel.
Now, right click on the sampler button and click on 'load sample...'

When you load midifile into fruityloops go to 'options' - 'midi settings'
and make sure the 'port' setting is set to '0'
this should enable you to hear the midifile.

Hope this helps,

Enjoy fruity,

David Rose

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 >   Hello all.
 > The name is Krude-I from Atlanta, GA in the US.
 > I am new to
 > Fruityloops (less than 1 week) and i hope you can help me through the
 > learning process. My questions are:
 > (1)  Is there a way to load a wave
 > filedirectly into fruity without having to go through that beat slicer
 > thing?
 > (2) Also, i am having an impossible time loading midi files and
 > getting them to play in fruity. The file seems to load correctly but when
 > press play, i hear no audio even though i see some fruity graphics which
 > indicate that the song is playing. My keyboard is a Roland XP-60 and it
 > connected to my comp. Actually its in the next room and i have to go
 > rooms to use it. Not sure if you guys know about the XP-60 but i cant get
 > midi files to play on that either.
 > Thanks all.


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