[fruityloops] Re: fl studio midi won't work

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  • Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 20:23:49 -1000

Solved my own dilemma and thought I'd post the solution just in case someone
else runs into it.

For those of you who use M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 with output patch cords
running into your Soundblaster Live aux 2 input ( a terrific combination
which gives 2ms latency of true Asio drivers but using the midi in of the
Soundblaster so that you have the convenience of front panel controls and a
powered headphone jack), there's a new PATCH on the soundblaster site
(www.creative.com) that solved my problem, even though it wasn't actually
LISTED as a fix.

Just keep this in the back of your head in case you migrate to XP and all of
sudden your SB and Audiophile stop getting along. :)

Remember: it looked like a FL problem, but turned out to be the SB
drivers......hope you can steer clear of this little nightmare.

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From: "Orthacoustic" <Orthacoustic@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [fruityloops] fl studio midi won't work

> Hi all,
> I've just loaded fl studio and when I tried to import a midi file into
> flstudio, it gave me the "Import Midi Data" dialog, then divided all the
> tracks into channels properly, but when I try to play the midi file, the
> tracks "play" visually, but I get nothing but silence from the outputs.
> I've been through the help file wizard a couple of times and the
> options/Enable midi output switch is enabled.
> I'm really scratching my head here, wondering what I'm doing wrong. Audio
> works fine, it's just the midi that doesn't work.
> My setup:
> Pentium 3 933mhz with 512megs
> Win XP SP1
> Soundblaster live 5.1 and Audiophile 24/96 (using asio for lower latency)
> Also, I know my Soundblaster sound fonts are working because I can play
> .mid file with Windows Media Player, and it works just fine.
> Any advice appreciated,
> OC

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