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Cheers Stuart I will have a play at dinner time ;~) 

And yes it was kind of daft punk (ish) I am after. 

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>I am looking at adding some filter sweeps to some long sounds and am a bit
>stuck to what settings to use on the event editor. Actually I am also not
>convinced that good filter sweeps are achievable with the fruity filters so
>if it is then please convince me otherwise.

Like most things, it's a matter of taste - I personally think the fruity
filters are great...

>The sound I am looking to produce is the low end sweeping up so that all
>frequencies are present at the end of the effect (over say 32beats or so)
>This is typically found in what is known as disco house (sorry to patronise
>anybody but I am unsure as to what music you all listen to :-) )

I presume you mean something like DaftPunk "Around the World" (where the
high fequencies are suppressed, so
the sound starts "dull" and gradually brightens? Try this:
1. Put the FruityFilter into an insert FX channel
2. Set resonance, band pass and high pass to 0, low pass to max, x2 to ON
3. Right click "cutoff freq" and select "Edit Events"
4. Draw on the graph a gradually increasing upward slope
Play the pattern and adjust to taste.

1. Put the Fruity Free Filter on an insert FX channel
2. Set type=Low Pass, Q to Max, gain=4db
3. This time, right click the Freq and select "Edit Events"
4. Again, draw an upward slope
This has a slightly different tonal flavour, you may need to combine it with
a limiter/peak controller to avoid clipping...

>What frequencies to cut/open up?
>Over what period for maximum affect?

Whatever your artistic demands require!  :-)

Hope this helps!


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