[fruityloops] Re: difference b/w f.l. and mpc

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Ah, here's the list I got on this bandwidth thing . . .

PCI is 133MB/s
USB1.1 is 1.5MB/s
Firewire is 50MB/s
USB2.0 is 60MB/s

Apparently, USB and USB2 are limited to 6 channels only, but PCI and
FireWire are not . . . and bandwidth is not the entire issue here, true . .
. of course, I think most of the naysayers here are talking 16/44.1 . . . I
am not sure if bandwidth comes into play for someone recording 24/96  or
32/96 like myself . . . but I must say I am a bit biased from having to deal
with an M-Audio Quattro for a month . . . piece of crap wouldn't duplex AND
without ASIO drivers, it only works as a 2x2 . . .

I took that thing back on the 30th day of my 30-day return and grabbed a
Delta 44 . . . and a copy of FM . . .

Layyyter . . .
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> On Thu, 2002-08-22 at 06:44, Gwydion Elderwyn wrote:
> >
> > > Sheer throughput capability is not most important issue here; latency
> > > is.  You can probably get a good few channels of audio USB, but I
> > > the latency tends to suffer on most interfaces.
> >
> > For recording, yes - but not for playback.  I've run 16 channels out of
> > UA100 with no problems at all.  And because it has ASIO drivers, the
> > softsynth latency was always <10ms!
> wow <10ms for a USB interface?  Thats cool.  Better than an SBLive and I
> bet you aren't stuck at 48khz sampling rate ;-)
> I think some of the m-audio interfaces have internal routing you can
> switch in to allow realtime monitoring for recording.
> Andy
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