[fruityloops] Woohoo!! Just Purchased Fruity Soundfont Player!!

  • From: "Raymond Cherry" <filthykarma@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 21:53:17 -0400

Yes, I have discovered my new love in computer music . . . soundfonts!

I discovered them one night when I had a problem getting VSTi and Midi Out 
notes to slide in the Piano Roll.  I liked using the Slide Bars because they 
make more sense to me than the the event editor.  It seems like if you have a 
series of notes in a melodic pattern, the event editor will let you pull the 
first note, but if you pull the next note, it slides off of its value because 
all the notes are displayed in a linear fashion.

I didn't like that.  And I soon figured out that wav files worked best for me 
in the Piano Roll.  Besides, all of the drum one-shots I recorded were from my 
drum machine (Boss DR770).  It's a nice-sounding drum machine, but not on a par 
with a well-recorded, live sample.  And my Midi Out was pulling sounds from a 
$300 Yamaha keyboard.  Again, Yamaha has probably the best, across-the-board 
quality of any make, but not as good as a live sample.  And finally, I love my 
Slayer VSTi for dirty, feedback-laden rock riffs, but I couldn't get a folksy, 
acoustic jam going with it.  And again, it just doesn't sound quite real to me.

I guess you folks can tell by now that I don't make much "electronica."  The 
main reason I got into computer music to begin with was to create a five-piece 
band that would play music I actually wanted to sing over . . .

Anyway, any soundfont advice or tricks will be appreciated.  I use Fruity to 
generate loops for me to tweak in Sound Forge and arrange in Acid.  Then, I 
freestyle the vocals over that mess . . .

I have already hit hammersounds and am ready to pick up some Sonic Implants in 
a few minutes.  Any other thoughts or advice is sincerely appreciated.

Layyyter . . .

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