[fruityloops] Re: Wish list for FL 4.0

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  • Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 11:12:11 +0100

1. Scrolling Piano Roll/Playlists

2. Audio recording gets another big vote=20
Perhaps by integrating fruitytracks in some way too - not sure how tho,
but I reckon there's huge scope for bringing these 2 things together -
enough people already use Acid for their arrangements.

3. I'd like to be able to nudge things around in the playlist - like, if
you decide to add in 4 bars of something at the beginning of an almost=20
finished tune you have to basically redo the whole thing. Similarly if
you want to take bits out, you want to be able to shift the rest of your
arrangement to fill in the gap by just selecting all and nudging it. Am
I making sense or did I miss a trick - please help me if there's an
answer already?!

4. A way of playing back more than one pattern at a time without having
to keep going into the playlist and write them in - maybe this is just a
personal thing but I often need to see how 2/3 patterns fit together and
going into the playlist, writing them in, adjusting the loop position
and then hitting play can all add up to be a bit of a chore. =20

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Hi all,

Having seen a few comments by Gol and JMC in the official forums about
some cool stuff up and coming in version 4.0...

What you you like to see in the next version and why?

I'll start:

- audio recording to disk (for acoustic instruments)
- a playlist that scrolls automatically to follow the song
- the ability to assign per-song SysEx data for each MIDI port, to setup
your synths the way you like.  The ability to record SysEx would be good
- non-lossy audio compression of samples in a zipped loop package.
- ability to include other song related files in a zipped loop package.

Please reply, even if you want some/all of the above, as I would like to
get an idea of the popularity of various ideas.

Once we have a good collection of ideas, I'll try and come up with a
list of favourites to present to ImageLine as the collective views of
this list.




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