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  • Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 09:49:41 -0000

Well I'm in the same position as you and I have just joined
www.sectionz.net which basically allows you to upload your tunes
for others to review (and it's free for basic membership).=20
All you need is to rip your CD track to mp3 and upload that at your
work, once you've gone through the joining process. I have to say I've
only had 1 review of my tune but it's only been up a few days and the
best way to get people to review you is to review their stuff as you can
plug your own at the same time.
I reckon the turnover of stuff at the fuity forum is just too quick=20
plus SectionZ is set up better.

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After doing this music stuff for a year and a half I have my first track
at a position where I would like feedback. It is on cd at the moment and
I only have internet access at work. How can I get this track on line so
that it is available for feedback. I use the computer music forum (under
JimmiJ) so if I can post it there that would be cool. But I don't know
how to ?? also maybe of the official FL site ??=20

Do I need to be able to host it form a PC online ?=20

I just need some basic advice as I haven't got to this position before?=20


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