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One thing that they are used for is Kareoke (sorry, I hate it so much I
can't even spell it), or for a backup band for someone who doesn't have a
backup band.  There are MIDI file players that will churn out the tunes with
a slightly-better-than the GM soundset - suitable for lame-os and wankers..
Pretty shitty, but then again - you can store about a zillion MIDI songs on
a disk, so it makes some degree of sense, if Kareoke is your bid-ness...

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> They exist in the millions, practically any song or
> artist you can think of is available to download off
> the net in this format... No, I'm not talking about
> MP3's, I'm talking about MIDI files!
> Call me stupid, but what are all these MIDI tracks
> for? I can't imagine some dude sits in his bedroom
> with a bunch of sheet music from the top 100,
> replicating each and every entire track for the
> pleasure of others... So what ARE these MIDI files and
> what are they used for? :)
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