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  • From: Andrew Ebling <andyebling@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 08 Jul 2002 13:28:28 +0100

Hi Ian,  Welcome to the list.

On Mon, 2002-07-08 at 13:09, ian byrne wrote:
>  what you dislike about fruityloops/missing features.
> i really dont like the playlist setup, maybe if fruitytracks was 
> inconrporated into the programme ? I find it just a bit ity bity

I found the playlist a little confusing at first, mainly because
patterns can be more than one bar long when using the piano roll.  It
think it would be good if the playlist gave some indication of the
length of a pattern.

I nearly bought fruitytracks straight after I got fruityloops but I'm
glad I didn't as it would have been a waste of money.  Thats not to say
that fruitytracks is rubbish, more just that I probably wouldn't have
ended up using it.  Once you have got used to using the playlist and
developed your own techniques it is perfectly usable and stops getting
in the way of the creative flow when writing songs.

The technique I use with the playlist is to only put events (be it notes
or controller data) in one (or at most two) channels in a single
pattern.  I then build up combinations of patterns using the playlist
and maticulously name and arrange the patterns in order in the playlist
in order to make it all as logical and tidy as possible.  I have
downloaded a lot of flps where people don't name the patterns (just
leave them as "pattern XX"), I don't know how people can work like that,
especially if you insert of remove patterns, as then the exist patterns
all change colour!

>  links to any songs you have done that are available.
> as of yet i have nothing finished but i do have 3 tracks almost complete, i 
> will post the url and hopefully get some feed back of yee guys and girls

Great I'll look forward to hearing those.  If you feel like taking a
listen to my music, you can find it here:


Unfortunately these are quite out of date versions of my tracks, but I
hope to upload new versions shortly.  "Night Owl" is probably the track
that I am most pleased with, making a brief appearance in the sectionz
top20@ampcast a couple of months back.



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