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<moderator> Guys, can we steer this back towards fruity-based discussion?  

Cheers for that, no apology necessary.  I knew I wasn't telling the full
story!  ;-)
I've used a wahwah pedal for about 15 years but have never tried to explain
*what* it did before...

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You were in fact correct the first time with regards to filtering instead of
boosting. The reason behind this is that any kind of boosting requires an
amplifier (be it soft or hardware) in fact amplifiers are broad band devices
and it is the filtering which then allows for a narrow band peak, or boost
if you like :).

What I am trying to say is that you can't produce a narrow band sweep
without filtering. But you can without amplification (or boosting)

Sorry if I sound picky but I am a RF filter design engineer by trade :)


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