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Hi there, this is my first contribution, hope I can help...

A wah is merely a narrow-band sweepable filter - just tried a little
experiment that seems to work to produce an auto-wah effect based on the
level of the instrument...

1. I set up the plucked! instrument on a channel, and set fx track to track
2. In the fx, insert the fruity peak controller and the fruity filter
3.  In the peak controller, set the peak knobs to base: 0%, peak: 90%, peak
tension: 67% (adj to taste), decay: 9 o'clock position. Leave the LFO
4. In the fruity filter, right click cutoff freq and assign to Peak control
(master) - Peak
5. Ramp up the filter resonance to max and adjust it to taste later.

Now, as you play the plucked! intrument, watch the cutoff freq and peak move
in time.  There's your autowah!

Hope this helps,


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I would like to ask you to try the link bellow (and the software, also, if


I was thinking that this was a kind of a virtual effect rack but it seems
that's a virtual synth ("...attempts to emulate the ultra-funky sound of
the Hohner Clavinet...").

Anyway, I've tried to apply its effects (wah-wah) in a sampler channel by
applying it in the FX window but it did nothing. Probably because its a
synth and not a effect.

The only way I've found to make it outputting some sound it was to create
its own channel, i.e., a Ticky Clav channel but I could not access my
soundcard's soundbanks (neither any of the FL sound samples).
Do you know if this is possible?

Can you help me in finding some specific Plug-In to apply a Wah-Wah effect
to a channel (no matter what's inside of it) to be used in FL?

Sorry to ask you this but the plug-ins variety is so big that I get
confused (or maybe I'm looking for something so specific that do not exists


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