[fruityloops] Re: Using midi controlers with FL

  • From: Andrew Ebling <andyebling@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 12 Mar 2003 11:41:01 +0000

Hi Tim,

Good post :)...

On Wed, 2003-03-12 at 11:14, Tim Jenkins wrote:

> I am at a point where I am finding it increasingly tedious to edit
> parameters with a mouse and wish to use a controller of some kind?
> I do have Roland PC160 controller keyboard but to be honest that's best only
> used for inputting note data and recording melody's as it only has one
> slider on it. I am keen to edit more than one parameter on the fly at the
> same time i.e. filter cuts and maybe resonance at the same time. I don't
> really want another keyboard so am looking at general midi controllers. 
> (such as the evolution uc16, spin doctor, control freak or fat boy ??)
> So my questions are: 
> What midi controllers are anybody using with FL and with how much success ?
> Is it possible to use such control boxes as mentioned inside FL ?? 
> with multiple edits simultaneously ??

Basically, any MIDI controller should work.  

USB ones are becoming popular, but I would be hesitant to buy such a
beast - you can't hook it up to standard MIDI gear and I might want to
do that one day.  In other words, if you want flexibility, getting one
with a MIDI output can make sense, especially if you have a spare MIDI
interface you can dedicate to it.

Although I don't own a dedicated controller, I do have a bass station
which transmits some of its knob positions over MIDI, so I use that. 
Its a simple matter of right clicking on the control, selecting "Link to
controller" and then tweaking the knob you want to link to it - fruity
takes care of the rest.  You can set up as many controllers as you like
this way and use them simultaneously.

I've been thinking about getting a dedicated controller too - the hands
on feel really takes softsynths to another level.  That combined with
FLStudio live mode is a receipy for a serious amount of fun ;-).  I'd
probably be looking into getting a controller keyboard that also
supported aftertouch as well as assignable control knobs.  Since my
setup is pretty cramped, finding somewhere to put another box in easy
reach is no small task - so having the control knobs built into the
keyboard itself would be a plus.

Unfortunately, it seems that many of the commercially available units
are rather over-priced for what they are and I don't like the idea of
spending lots of cash on something that doesn't make any sound!  Since
I've done electronics as a hobby before (although studying it a uni
rather spoilt the appeal), I'm looking at building my own using the
refecence designs at http://www.ucapps.de.  They currently have a next
generation project in progress that looks very interesting indeed, so
I'll probably wait for that to get closer to completion before making a

If you have the experience/knowhow/patience to build your own, it
appears to be possible to build a fully automated control surface (so
the controls actually move in realtime to show the programmed events)
for about the price of a non-automated one.  I propose to take a modular
approach - I'll start off with 32 automated faders with a pan control
for each, then add 4x32 assignable knobs per channel at a time.  This
control surface will double up as a mixing surface, as well as hands on
EQ for mastering etc and of course, for real time synth edits.

Have you considered the possibility of using a controller box for mixing
as well?

Wow, how did that turn into such a long post?!  Hope there is some
useful information in amongst the waffle ;-).


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