[fruityloops] Re: The best FL plugins to buy?

  • From: "Andy Ebling" <andyebling@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2003 15:14:24 +0100

>    I was wondering what you all think of the FL plugins available to buy
> i.e. SimSynth, DrumSynth, DX10 and WASP? Which ones mostly find their ways
> into your projects and why?

Here's my take on it:

- SimSynth - good for those classic synth type sounds.  Tuning can be tricky
- DX-10 good for basic classic FM sounds.  I like it for basses and weird
- Wasp - good for FX and harsher sounds
- DrumSynth - my preferred choice of drum sounds - it has just enough
controls to make it useful/flexible without so many that it just becomes a
bore to use.
- Dreamstation - not a native fruity plugin (DXi) nice for pads and some
classic analog sounds (like the "Chicane sound" for example) :).
- Soundfont player - better sounding/more accurate than the VSTi options
I've tried out.

Overall I like fruity specific plugins over VSTis because you have
continuous control over note volume/pan/filter/pitch etc (rather than
per-note), so if I need that degree of control, I'll go for a native fruity
plugin over a non-native.

DrumSynth and SimSynth get used most often in my tracks.

There is also the point that I like what ImageLine are doing as a company
and buying all the add-ons is a way of supporting them and encouraging them
with future development.  FLStudio is still scandalously under-priced IMHO
(or maybe everything else is overpriced??), so I'm not that fussed about
parting with a bit more cash in their direction ;-).


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