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  • Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 14:23:45 +0200

1st I can't find a file called default.flp
2nd and where is the quick launch folder???

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>Everytime I startup my FruityLoops..
>I get the standard screen with 4 samples and 16 bars...
>I use 32 bars and 10 empty sample channels, everytime when I begin with
>Fruityloops I need to Load my own loop...how can I everytime I start
>Fruityloops begin with ma own startloop???

One suggestion would be to set yourself a 'default' .flp with your favoured
setup, then copy that to your quick-lauch directory. This does mean you'd
to be careful to "save-as" so you don't ruin it, but I'm not sure there is a
'default file' option.

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