[fruityloops] Re: Rendering?

  • From: "toda V" <toda_v@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 22:14:19 -0600


I find that most of the defaults are good choices to have ON in the first

this is how i usually render scratch mixes or loops: 

Looping mode:  this is your preference.  i never seem to use cut remainder. 
wrap is good if u got some delay fx u dont want chopping off on a loop.  if
its a whole mix, i just use leave remainder. 

Depth:  depends on what your soundcard can handle playing.  mine is only 16
bit :( 

Quality:  usually hermite curve.  everything else i turn ON except
dithering,the quality seems not to my liking when i render with dithering
ON,so i leave it OFF.  If your mix has sample channels that have a max
polyphony (in sampler, Misc tab) and u want it to sound the same way u hear
it, turn OFF disable max poly.  If you want to hear the notes that arent
being played back in FL, turn it ON. 

Options:  I usually leave everything off here, cuz i dont use Acid that
much,nor do the *.nfo files seem to be very verbose or useful, and i cant
live without stereo!!!:) 


If I am rendering a mastered and finalized mix (rarely):  I turn Sync depth
64 on in the sampler interpolation on Quality &leave remainder in Looping
mode.  Everything else is as above. 


Keep in mind i use an AMD processor running @ 800MHz and i have one 128 MB
pc133 RAM stick and one 256 MB pc133 RAM stick, totalling 384 MB of RAM, and
a 40 GB harddrive (half full).  This may be more (likely) or less (?) power
than the rest of you guys, so if you are running less than me, u might find
that turning OFF all the lights in Quality make your rendering faster, but i
wouldnt say necessarily better quality.  I do notice that it is a good idea,
with the settings listed above, to leave the computer alone when rendering,
cuz it seems to be using ALOT of resources to work the rendering process,
anddoing anything else while rendering (using background rendering) tends to
drive one nutz waiting for things to refresh and load.  There you have my
technique using Fruityloops 3.3 (!) to render wav files. 


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