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  • Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 17:36:05 -0800

It should be alot easier than what you're going through. Since the regcode
they sent you is just a set of registry entries, you could try changing it's
name to FLRegkey.reg and save it. Then double-click it and see if it tells
you it's making changes to your registry. If you get that far, say OK and
let it finish, then launch FLStudio and see what happens. Failing that, open
up FlRegkey in Notepad (right-click and choose "open with" then find
Notepad, but make sure it doesn't have a check mark next to "always use this
program to open files of this type") and open regedit, and manually enter
the data into your registry. If Windoze hasn't turned you into a computer
tech yet, it will eventually. Oh brother, I feel an "I love Mac" rant coming
on.....I'd better shut up now.


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On Mon, 2003-03-10 at 14:12, Giles Fearn wrote:
> thanks for the info andy,
> I think your right as well since i have just loaded studio onto my work
> computer without any problems. If i change my isp and therefore email
> address
> will fruity change the info on their records fairly quickly?

Yes, they have a form on the website to do it, although it may take them
a while to get everything sorted out with the flstudio website, which
seems to have half completed at the moment.

Once the flstudio website is completed, you need to find the "lost
registration code" form or "change your details" form and let them know.

hope that helps,


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