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So, let me get the filtering bit straight....
 ... do you tweak the knobs in record mode? if so, do you use a midi
Yeah, I had a go of Acid and I really like the way you can use the draw tool
to insert your loops, being able to cut them off anywhere rather than
inserting the whole loop piece.
Also, the new Acid Pro 4 has VST capabilities now allowing you to use Fruity
VSTi through it.... but saying that I downloaded the demo and Fruity VSTi
froze when I activated it through Acid Pro 4. Maybe a demo bug.... anyone
else had this?

Happy that you like my website.  In the middle of building the music section
which will have mostly previewable and downloadable loops.
I hope soon to be building a forum bulletin board using PHP. I downloaded
the BB package, so now I just got to learn a bit of PHP and MySQL.
Maybe if all goes well you guys will sign up, I'll be definatley be having a
Fruity Forum.

I'm interested in hearing peoples workflows in Fruity. How do you build your
songs?  Please post.


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> Hi Jon,
> > Nice song Andy. Love the filtering.   I haven't been that brave to try
> that
> > yet : ).
> Hey thanks man! :-)  Filters are kinda becoming my speciality; if I'm
> in inspiration, I play with a filter on a synth riff until something cool
> happens.  The stuff in that song is just done using the TS404 filters, but
> you can do some pretty wacky stuff by automating the parametric EQ.  Thats
> what I'm doing in my latest track.... but I've only done the intro and the
> first verse so far and the inspiration seems to have dried up a bit.
> > Was that done in an Automation channel?
> Yes.  I record all my automation in separate patterns.  Where possible I
> record it in realtime and then go back and tweak it with the event editor
> later.  In that particular case, I needed to tweak the cutoff and
> at the same time, so I used the X-Y controller, this has the added benefit
> of smoothing things out if you set the speed right.
> The filter twist ups in the before the last chorus took forever to get
> right.  Now and then I still here something else that needs tweaking...
> you have to stop somewhere with that sort of thing.
> > How was the song it built up?
> I was just messing around with a square-ish sounding lead and came up with
> the hook that forms the rest of the song.  I recorded it and saved it in a
> file named as the date in my "messing-around" folder (where I keep all
> half an hour sessions of just trying things out in case they come in handy
> one day).  A week or so later I pulled it out and within an hour I had
> 70% of ideas for the song in place.  Getting the swept TS404 idea was what
> made the synth riff into a viable track.  The rough process went something
> like:
> i) synth riff
> ii) TS404 bassline
> iii) drums
> iv) strings
> v) fx
> That isn't a fix formula that I follow, just how it happened that
> time round.
> That was my second track done with fruity, so I was pleased with how it
> worked out in the end.
> > Did you use the fruity Playlist to construct it?
> Yes.  The only thing that was done outside fruity was some individual
> editing in cool edit and the final mastering, done in n-track with my
> mastering plugin collection.  I've heard a lot of people talking about
> putting their tracks together in Acid from constituent loops made up in
> fruity.  This sounds like quite a cool way to work, especially if you only
> have limited CPU muscle available.  Unfortunately, Acid is too expensive
> seeing as the fruity playlist is perfectly functional, I guess I be
> with that for the time being.  My wife and I hope to move house sometime
> soon, so there ain't a lot of spare money for that sort of thing :-(.
> > http://www.hoolak.com
> Just had a look around your website: kinda cool.  I'm not a great fan of
> shockwave/flash, since the Linux flash plugin is very unstable, but the
> overall effect is quite professional and impressive.  Nice one.
> Andy

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