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  • Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 08:56:08 +0100

At the top of the piano roll drag your curser over the area you want to copy
(not the notes themselves but the area above the notes) once highlighted
copy (edit)(copy) then click where you want to past and press paste. Sorted!

Its not obvious at first and yes you are right it is easier in other
applications but then all applications have there idiosyncrasies ;~/ 


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Am I an idiot, or are some aspects of the FL interface just plain wierd? I
can't figure out how to copy and paste. When I use the menu commands, it
pastes on top of the stuff I select. I really just want to drag a box around
the stuff I want to copy, and then drag a copy of it to where I want it. In
cubase, this is nice and easy. In fact, it's easy in every other software
I've used. How the hell do I do it in Fruityloops?

Doug Gough

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