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on the smp tab of the sampler channel, there is a stretch field at the  very
bottom, put it at the same number of steps in the pattern, and it will
stretch the loop to the pattern length, double the number of steps in the
pattern to play two patterns length, etc
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> Hi
> I'm feeling some difficulties in adjusting a drum patern in the Playlist.
> This pattern comes from a Sampler channel with a wave sample which length
is not coincident with a bar, i.e., it starts at 0.0.0.and finish at 5.0.20.
> How can I use/adjust the paterns in Playlist so that the first end and
second start are coincident (without using loops)?
> And how can I do it in Piano Roll also? I've done this by changing the
tempo value but maybe there is another way.
> Thanks
> Rui
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